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Short letter to younger self
Dear Younger self

First I would like to say hello and let you know that we made it to at least the age of 31 and still going strong. Now this might come as a shock, but you will find your soul mate and at young age and the both of you will grow together. The twists and turns that this love will bring at times will be hard and you might want to give up or think he might give up, but don't fret. This love is the real deal, so try not to give up too early. It is so very worth it no matter what.
Making the best decisions in our life hasn't been a very strong point, but really who makes all the right decisions first? Even at times you might feel like you let everyone down, but you (we) are strong and just realize how you feel is most important. Not worry about everyone else is the key. We are still working on this little tidbit. Very easy to say much harder to do.
I'll tell you this now, but the friends from school just become facebook acquaintances. This might be hard to hear, but when you find your best friend he is all that we really need. Work friends that we get are great. Having time for drama is a big no, so a few good friends is enough. Remember we have no time for drama.
The milestones in our life will happen. Some do take way longer than even most people, but don't sweat it they all happen when we want them to happen. Please keep your head up and always have hope even when you feel like there is no hope left.
Life is hard no matter what. Some of the roads we take in life make it even harder, the daily struggles are there. Some days you'll wonder how to get put of bed, but do it, because it will be worth it down the line. We come from strong line of women who survived, so we can too. Try to make yourself better every day no matter what.

Your older self
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