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Smart little dog.
"You want to go outside Banjo?"

The little black-and-white Jack Russel Terrier wagged as he looked from the door to me. I opened the door, and we both walked out on the deck. I could see why he wanted to go outside. It smelled like it felt: Sunny and cool -- the perfect Spring day.

"There you go boy," I said.

I waited for him to run down the stairs to the yard. I looked at him. He looked at me. He turned and darted through his little dog door, back into the house.

"Flap, flap, flap." I watched the little plastic flap swing to a stop. I was alone. I shook my head and went back inside, closing the door behind me.

"Why did you want to go out there?" I asked the empty room.

"Arf! Arf!," Banjo called from outside.

I opened the door, and the dog ran in. The dog door swung to a stop as I closed the door again. It's good to feel needed.

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