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Human Beings call us the Grays,
We treat all living beings the same,
The rule that we most highly praise,
Our right to Eminent Domain.

Our primary interest in you,
From your species to acquire,
DNA we use to renew,
The variety we require.

That's why we brought you here, Mikey,
Pulled from the back seat of your car,
Speaking from psyche to psyche,
Do you know where it is you are?

We know that you're a little boy,
You've just turned a full nine years old,
To your parents, you're their first joy,
Innocent, with a heart of gold.

Unable to see anything,
You'll lay still, in an induced state,
In your head, a tone's constant ring,
Yet you'll feel no fear for your fate.

To sample the base of your brain,
We'll pierce the socket of your eye,
Don't worry, you might feel some pain,
But you'll be unable to cry.

Due to our high intelligence,
We'll implant chips into your cells,
We'll leave no scars for evidence,
To make sure no doctor can tell.

Now we'll return you, young subject,
Only we'll know that you've been gone,
No proof to make anyone suspect,
The real reason you're a bit withdrawn.

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