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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2036980
A dragon stronger than the rest, only told in legends. That legend has now come to life.
"White Fire represents air, the people who possess this are noble in nature and are more adept to controlling the winds, aiding them in flight," said a young man with crystal blue eyes that flowed like the ocean and long, blond hair. He was teaching a class on Fire of Color to the young kids of his city. Even though he was king of the Yellow Fire Kingdom, he still interacted with his people constantly. "Blue Fire is the Fire of water. These Fire Raiders are known to be gentle and caring. They are able to control the element of water and have the ability to heal any wound. Now, we have Yellow Fire. They are a strong and noble people and have the ability to control the earth around them. They have the ability to cure any kind of dark curse. Finally, we have Red Fire, which represents fire. These Fire Raiders are usually violent and angry, loving war and chaos. They have the ability to control lightening and normal, everyday fire. Their abilities, other than lightening, are torture. Causing the body to feel as if it is burning, whether external or internal, it does not matter."

The man paced back and forth slightly, scratching his chin as if thinking what to say next. "With these four Fires come four dragons. Each one representing a Fire of Color and that matching element."

"What about the Ice Dragon, King Langholm?" asked one of the students.

"Oh, the Ice Dragon is only legend," Langholm chuckled. "As are Ice Raiders. Well, that's enough for today, you all best get to your homes."

The students got up slowly and each filed out of the classroom. Langholm turned and started walking to his own room, thinking. There have been other creatures of legend before that proved to be true. The elves had gone into hiding for hundreds of years and were thought to be legend at one point. Now, here they are again, walking amongst men. But a dragon that breathes ice instead of fire is too ridiculous of an idea. The same with Ice Raiders. He has been on this planet for many years and has traveled a lot, but he had never encountered an Ice Raider before. It didn't matter to Langholm, however, all he cared about was keeping his kingdom safe.

When he got to his room, he went to his draw to place his yellow cloak into. He was now sixty years old, but his features said otherwise. The smooth skin, without a wrinkle in site. He gave a quick smile and walked to the window to take a look at the city named after him, only to see someone starring back at him from the roof across from his room.

This man wasn't anyone that he knew and his skin looked cold. It was a crystal color as if he had been caught in a storm of white rain. His eyes shined at him through the darkness, a dark and powerful blue. Mist escaped from the man's mouth as he smiled at Langholm, but it was too warm out for that. Could this man actually be one? He thought to himself. Could he be an Ice Raider.

Langholm began to step out of his window, but after taking his eyes off the man for second, he was gone. Either his mind was playing tricks, or this man really was an Ice Raider. He looked up at the moon and felt shivers run throughout his body. At first, he thought it was just a chill from shock, but he realized it was starting to feel cold in his room. Mist started coming out of mouth and nose every time he breathed out. He spun around quickly and there the man was, standing only meters away from him, still smiling.

"Who are you?" Langholm asked in shock.

The man laughed at him and said, "I am the Last Ice Raider." He bent his head down and looked at Langholm through the banes of his long, frosty hair. "I heard that you were the strongest Fire Raider alive. So, I wanted to check you out. I'm not too impressed right now, but I suppose we'll find out when my Ice Dragon takes a visit."

"There are no Ice Dragons," Langholm shot back.

"Oh, there are," said the Ice Raider, laughing again. "You will find out soon enough when your city becomes a city of ice."

Before Langholm could think of a response, the man was gone again, leaving a cloud of cool mist. The coldness of his room began to leave and it started to warm again. There was a small puddle where the man was standing just moments before. He had to get his men ready. Langholm wasn't sure how real this threat was, but he needed to be prepared. No one has ever seen an Ice Dragon before and they didn't know what kind of strength or abilities this creature may have. He rushed out of his room to the War Quarters, the meeting should still be going on.

"You are living a legend, King Langholm," said one of his war generals. "There are no Ice Dragons, never have been."

"Ice Raiders aren't suppose to exist either," Langholm replied. "And yet, I had one standing in my room, threatening my city!" Langholm rarely got angry. He was angry now, though, with his city on the line. "Now, get your men ready and be prepared for an attack!"

"What are you waiting for? Get moving!" the general yelled and everyone filed out in a hurry. No on wanted to question Langholm now.

He looked at the corner of the room to see someone standing there. He knew this man from years ago, before they were both appointed as kings. Cordon, the Red Fire King. The Four Kings had been friends since childhood, they all grew up in the slums of the Red Fire Kingdom. They had experienced the horror of living under a horrible king and the torture of the Kingdoms going to war constantly. They had all been talented at Fire of Color from the time they could use and they began to develop their skills even further. Soon, the four of them had devised the plan to enter into the knights of each of the Four Kingdoms and take over as the new kings. With the power they had, no one could resist them and it had worked. At first, the citizens were frightened of the new kings that had destroyed the knights of the Kingdoms to gain their power, but they soon to enjoy their new kings. There were no longer any wars in the lands for the past quarter century and everyone were treated as equals. Langholm smiled at his old friend.

"The Ice Raider visited me, as well," Cordon said. "He said that he planned on using his Ice Dragon to attack your city, so I came to help."

"Did he visit Gar and Kalish as well?" Langholm asked.

"I believe so. I have the feeling that he is trying to gather us here and kill us all. He wants to gain control for whatever reason he can. They must hurry so we can fight this threat together."

Langholm nodded his response and they both followed the generals out of the room to ready themselves for battle. He hoped that he was wrong about the Ice Dragon, but that man had made the threat to both him and Cordon and possibly the other two kings. Usually, Langholm wouldn't take any kind of threat seriously, especially one such as this, but he was an Ice Raider. They were suppose to be a race made of legend and as old and wise as he was, he should have at least heard of a real one before.

Langholm reached the bottom of the castle and went to the courtyard to see the majority of his army frozen solid and laying in a pool of their own, frozen blood. A man was kneeling down, casting Blue Fire over a wounded soldier. It was Gar, the Blue Fire King. He looked up and saw Langholm there.

"This man is dangerous, Langholm," Gar said softly. He only nodded in return, looking at his fallen men in anger. "He is definitely a powerful Ice Raider."

"We have no idea how powerful Ice Raiders are," Cordon responded. "This is the only one we've ever seen before. For all we know, he could be extremely weak compared to Ice Raiders."

Gar looked at him sharply, grimacing slightly. They had never always gotten along on the best terms. Langholm wasn't sure if it was because they were always competing against each other to challenge their strength or if it was something more. There was a loud explosion coming from the right of the castle, causing the three off them to turn and run toward the source of it. Langholm looked around, horror struck, looking at the bodies of his men scattered across the yard, dismembered and they witnessed his finest general die in front of them. The Ice Raider was standing behind him, smiling at the three of them in a mocking way. The look in his crystal eyes were menacing and his peer white teeth had grown sharp since their last meeting not long ago.

"He his coming," the Ice Raider said. "Iceronia is almost here."

"Clever name," Langholm said. "The Elven word for ice. Now, what would your name be?"

"I am Frosnia," he said with a smile. "Elven for frost, I know."

Gar jumped quickly at him, bringing down his sword in a brilliant blue flame. Frosnia smiled at him and rose his hand up to catch the blade and throwing it away. How powerful are these Ice Raiders? He was one of the strongest Fire Raider in the Four Kingdoms and now this man of myth and legend has stopped his sword with his bare hand. Might be time to change styles.

Gar jumped back and Langholm walked from behind him swinging his sword back forth. Yellow and Blue Fire began to spit from his sword and he charged, unleashing a plethora of attacks. Frosnia smiled at him again and deflected every blow with his forearms, chips of something falling from them. That's when Langholm realized it. He was using ice to shield body. An ice too thick for his sword to cut through. He was the one smiling now, jumping into the and letting Cordon run up with his sword held high, swinging it down. Right as it hit, Red Fire burst from his sword and before Frosnia could react, it hit. He screamed out in pain as white-blue blood began to pour to the ground like a waterfall.

He turned into a cloud of snow and drifted away from the Kings a few meters. Just as Cordon was going to attack again, they heard a loud roar coming from the sky behind them. the three of them spun around, terror in Langholm's eyes, as he saw a large dragon flying at them and, eventually, over. It hovered above Frosnia as it attempted to land, flapping its giant wings slowly. It was the largest dragon either of them had ever seen, and the have seen the dragons when they were at their prime.

It had a diamond color to it, reflecting the light as if it was made of ice. The mane was snow white and whipped at the air as it was landing, the teeth and claws larger than a human torso. The claws dug into the ground as it landed, the tail crushing what ever buildings were in its way. With every breath the beast took came a cold mist. Iceronia turned his to face the Kings, looking directly into Langholm's eyes. If he had lips, he would be smiling. A low growl traveled up his throat as he tilted his head to inspect the Kings in front of him. Frosnia jumped onto the dragon's back and laughed, kicking his heels against its jawline.

Iceronia opened his mouth and a blizzard came hurling toward them. They barely had enough time to bring up a defense of Red Fire that melted the snow away, but it wasn't enough. Soon, the blizzard broke through the Red Fire and sent them all flying back with ice crawling up Gar's legs. He had never fought a force like this before, none of them had. The powers of Ice Raiders and Ice Dragons were foreign to them and they had no idea what their weaknesses were. Red Fire was the only thing that could hurt Frosnia, but he sat on top of that beast, controlling his every attack. Controlling his every attack, Langholm thought to himself. If he could find a way to get on top of Iceronia and kill him, then it would be over.

The three of them had gained control of themselves before they could do damage to anymore buildings. As Langholm stood up to find a good vantage point, he saw someone standing next to him, smiling at the dragon in front of him. His eyes swam with a pure white and his climbed down his back in a wild fashion. Kalish turned to look at Langholm, giving him a quick wink.

"Don't worry, Langholm," said the White Fire King. "There is no way he can beat the Four Kings."

At that moment, a stream of Red Fire shot at the belly of Iceronia like an erupting volcano. Langholm had not noticed that Cordon had already rejoined the battle and now his body was glowing brightly and the beast let out an ear piercing howl of pain. Langholm could see the anger flash across Frosnia's face. Kalish ran off quickly and Langholm followed with Gar at his side. The Four Kings lined up together and stared down the dragon as it opened it's mouth wide, letting out a blizzard of white rain and ice. The four of them held out their hands and shot out a giant stream of White, Blue, Yellow and Red Fire, meeting the blizzard with a thunderous collision. The attacks from the two sides shot into the air and evaporated into the sky. When looked back in front of them, Frosnia was standing there smiling at them.

The Four Kings drew their swords and all charged at him, attempting to slice. The Ice Raider was too fast, either dodging their attacks or deflecting them out of the way. As Cordon was about to cut him with Red Fire, Frosnia turned into a cloud of snow and blew behind him, a large spear of his piercing through his heart. The other three yelled and charged at him, but couldn't hit him. Cordon began falling to the ground, Langholm catching him before he landed. How could this happen? The four of them had been kings for the past twenty five years. The best of friends and most powerful Fire Raiders the world has of seen since the Father of Fire Raiders himself. Now this man of legend was here, causing them to fight their hardest and he has just killed one of them. Langholm set Cordon's body on the ground gently, closing his and shot a look at Frosnia.

He began charging, rage in his eyes, as the Four Fires flowed from his body and sword. He could here the shouts of Gar and Kalish behind him, but didn't take any notice to it. The Ice Raider was not on his dragon to control, he could kill him now. Frosnia looked frightened and, for the first time, drew out his sword to parry Langholm's attack. They exchanged blows back and forth, sparks and blood showering from the two of them. Langholm could feel his body growing weaker with every cut, but his mind would not let his body collapse on him. They were the only two that existed in this world right now and Langholm had to win.

Frosnia roared a shower of ice at him and he dodged it deftly, sending an eruption of Red Fire at Frosnia. He dodged it just as quick as Langholm did and came up to his side to pierce his sword through his side. Langholm gave a quick gasp of pain, but pulled away from the sword and slid his sword deep across Frosnia's chest. The Ice Raider screamed out and attempted to jump back, but Langholm grabbed onto his ankle before he could get away and slammed him onto the ground. He then slammed his knee deep into Frosnia's stomach and stabbed his sword, bursting in Red Fire, through his chest. Langholm twisted it back and forth, watching him withering in pain until, finally, the life left his eyes.

Langholm stood up, pulling his sword out of Frosnia and tried walking toward the dragon to finish this nightmare, but collapsed onto the ground. He could feel the blood pouring out of his body, his vision coming in and out. The others were yelling something, but he couldn't make it out. He had done his job, Frosnia was dead. All they had to do his finish off Iceronia, who should now be defenseless without his master. Langholm smiled at the thought of being able to defend his Kingdom from such a powerful force, then everything went black.

It had been a week since the attack and Langholm looked out at his city with sorrow. Gar and Kalish had told him that Iceronia went on a rampage after Frosnia was killed. Being broken from his control mad the dragon weaker, though, and extremely easy to kill. Langholm's body was covered with bandages, it seemed that healing process with Blue Fire took a lot longer with wound inflicted from an Ice Raider and Yellow Fire had no affect at curing any possible curses. Gar and Kalish were standing at his side, they were waiting for the burial of Cordon. Gar turned to Langholm, a look of worry and sadness on his face.

"What do we do now?" he asked.

"We appoint someone we trust to be the Red Fire King," Langholm said somberly. "That way the peace can continue after this event."

"We will help you rebuild," Kalish said.

"We must do more than rebuild," Langholm said, causing looks of confusing from Gar and Kalish. "We cannot be Four Kingdoms anymore. We must be Four Territories and combine our power into one." He turned on his heel to walk down to Cordon's burial. "We need to form the Realm of the Fires." The door closed behind him, leaving Gar and Kalish there to think about his last words. The Realm of the Fires was the conclusion to protect everyone from such a horrible disaster to ever occur again.

© Copyright 2015 Kyle Peterson (kybaby40 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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