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by brom21
Rated: E · Other · Other · #2037004
A group of tourists is targeteted for a big experiment.
981 words

The six excited tourists stepped onto the elevator of the Empire State Building, curious to see one of the most famous landmarks of the US. The happy individuals awaited the chance to visit each floor, but the elevator clerk insisted they immediately go to the 17th level.

“Each of you has been chosen for a special surprise,” said the clerk.

They looked at one another dumbfounded but elated.

“I wonder what it could be?” said a young tourist named Kelly who was wearing a spaghetti strap shirt and tight blue jeans.

“Maybe we’ve won some kind of contest,” said another named Josh with a deep voice.

“Can you tell us what?”

The elevator clerk responded to the man who was six feet tall with blond hair.

“No, the surprise will be spoiled Mr. Brush,” he said.

“Please call me Rick,” said the same man.

“We shall arrive at the floor in several minutes. One thing I can tell you, it is out of this world” said the clerk.

He turned austere and spoke with a dire monotonous tone. “There is one thing I will require.”

The tourists hushed as they were filled with anxiety but also suspense.

The clerk announced the condition. “You must promise to keep what you see a secret.”

Josh, with the deep voice, spoke. “What will happen if we do not agree with the vow of secrecy?”

“Then I will stop this elevator and you are free to get off,” answered the clerk.

“Yo, whatever we see, I’m down with telling on one. I’m in,” Kelly said with a smile.

“Those in favor of continuing raise your hand,” the clerk ordered.

Everyone raised a hand but Josh.

He sighed. “Something tells me I’m going to regret this,” Josh said as he reluctantly put up his hand.

Then at last they had arrived. They were like children on Christmas morning until the doors opened. They were all curious about the long corridor with windows that looked as though it was night.

“How could stars be out? It was morning when we left,” Rick said.

An elderly woman, who was silent the whole way, spoke up.

“I’ve gained a great deal of insight in my day and I feel that we are not where we were before.”

“Continue walking to the door at the end,” the clerk said.

Kelly sprinted ahead and stopped with wide eyes at the window next to the door at the end.

“Holy cow! Guys check this out!” she exclaimed.

They ran to where she was and their breath was taken away.

“We’re above another planet!-in space!” Rick said.

“This is impossible! said Josh.

“Its’ right in front of you bro,” Kelly said.

“No one could faked this Josh,” said Rick.

“This is indeed possible my friends,” said a mid-sized man with glasses, a blue color shirt and khakis.

“Who are you?” Josh questioned.

“Simon Brail, doctor of astronomy. I used to work with the government on teleportation theory. I was stationed at a secret facility for six months, and we were very close to success. I was released from the project shortly before it was perfected. But I have no knowledge of intergalactic travel or other planets. At this point I’m curious as you are.”

Josh noticed that the clerk was gone.

“Hey, where’d that annoying little conniver go?”

“He’s gone,” rick said.

“I say we continue without him,” said Kelly.

“I agree,” said Dr. Brail.

With all of them in agreement, they opened the metallic door and before them was a hanger with technological marvels. There were spaceships that resembled miniature stealth bombers with landing rods under them.

“They were speechless. The individuals observed with open mouths at the amazing machinery. A man in a black uniform with a planet sewn on it approached them.

“Hello. I do not have time to explain but you must follow me into the shuttle over there.”

They did as he said and they entered into the ship and saw six seats.”

“It seems we’ve been expected,” said Rick.

They sat down and put on belts to their right.

“Hold on.”

“An Iris-like hanger door widened and they burst through. They quickly shot like a lightning rod down at the planet. It had a green and blue hazy atmosphere which they quickly entered. On the surface the six beheld the awesome constructs that looked like a mechanical castles with spires and domes. Ships were going and coming. Finally they landed in a hanger. Nothing could prepare them for the biggest wonder yet.

“Aliens! Rad!” cried Kelly.

The aliens were bald with large circular eyes and had three fingers on each hand. They were tall and wore electronic suits.

“Everyone out and follow me,” said the pilot.

They were led to a passage that tunneled through a side of a mountain of green rock. Finally the group was met by a muscular man behind a metal desk where monitors, buttons and lights were displayed.

“I will answer the first question you all want revealed. You have been selected to take part in a civilian colony operation on this planet called Rygard. You will be the first to live here. Of course you are free not to participate. You may opt out,” said the man.

What about our families and friends?” asked Josh.

“That is where phase two comes in. Clones of you all will be placed on earth to live out your existence there.”

Only Josh and the old lady decided to leave.

“You two will be returned to earth. Regarding you four; you are about to embark on a fascinating experience and will live to interact with the aliens here.

“So, what do we do first?” asked Kelly.

The man smiled as he replied. “How about meeting the natives to this world?”

In the future they would experience many wonders and live out their days in awe.

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