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College student gets her cherry broken over Spring Break
Word Count: 2,500

Jenn arrived in Florida early Friday evening to spend her spring break with her boyfriend Matt. They met at Seeing Eye, and ended up with the same breed of Seeing Eye dog. Matt and his father Jeff met Jenn at the airport, and Jeff drove them back to Matt's place. Jeff carried her suitcase in, and placed it in the guest room. He had no delusions about them sleeping together, but he wasn't going to encourage the behavior. After Jeff said good night and left them alone Matt and Jenn let their dogs off leash. They fed them a late dinner, and took them out together.

The spring evening was cool, but a bit humid. There was probably a rain shower on its way. After the dogs did their business, they settled in on the couch. Matt flipped on his stereo to play some soft relaxing music, slid his arm around Jenn, and leaned in to kiss her. Jenn rested her hand on his chest to stop him.

"I should call my mom before we get carried away," she warned.

"Alright," he said.

Jenn pulled her phone out of her purse and made the call. She spoke to her mother for a few minutes while he sat, and watched her. After she hung up the phone, and put it away he pulled her into his lap, pressed his lips to hers and flicked his tongue over them. Jenn parted her lips, allowing him to slip his tongue into her mouth. She hummed in appreciation as he slid his tongue in and out of her mouth. Matt slid his hands over the textured bodice of her dress. He laid her back and positioned himself on top of her. His kisses became more fervent with his rising arousal. Jenn squirmed helplessly underneath him. She pulled her mouth away from his, breathed heavily in his ear.

"Matt!" She gasped as he pressed hot kisses to her neck.

She moaned as his hands slid down to the waist of her dress, and began to hike her skirt up. As her panties were uncovered she could not help but buck up into him, her heated crotch brushing over his rock hard erection. She squeaked in surprise as he bucked back against her. Matt lifted his mouth off of hers to look down at her.

"Are you alright?" He breathed heavily.

"It's just... well..." Jenn gasped.

"Don't you want me?" he inquired.

"Yes," Jenn affirmed, "but I..."

"Then what's wrong/" He inquired.

"I just don't know if I'm ready," Jenn explained.

"Shhh," said Matt. He pressed his finger to her lips. "I'm not expecting sex tonight."

"You're not?" Jenn inquired.

"No." Matt sat up pulling her back up into his lap. "I just wanted to enjoy your company tonight. I'd also like you to enjoy mine."

"Okay," Jenn agreed.

"I've got all week to seduce you," he whispered as his lips brushed her ear, "and I'm patient enough to make that seduction as long as or as short as you like."

"And if we don't have sex at all this week?" Jenn inquired.

"Then I will try again in the summer," he assured her. "But I would truly love for it to happen this week."

Matt brushed some hair out of her face. He leaned forward, and kissed her slowly. He slid his tongue into her mouth again inhaling through his nose. Jenn sucked gently on the warm wet muscle that explored her mouth. Matt slid his hand up her back and took hold of the little tag attached to her zipper. He slowly drew it down her back, and slid his fingers down the skin he was exposing. Jenn pulled her mouth away as soon as he started to slide the straps of her dress off of her shoulders.

"What are you doing?" She inquired.

"I just want to see what's under it," Matt assured her. "I won't take it off completely."

He slid the dress down far enough to expose a matching turquoise lace covered bra. He leaned forward and pressing his lips to the exposed flesh above her bra. He licked over the blue vein on each of her breasts. Jenn moaned as he squeezed her breasts together, and ran his tongue up and down the valley between her breasts. She gasped as he massaged her nipples through the fabric of her bra with his thumbs. He slid his hands up to the straps of the bra, and gazed into her eyes.

"Can I see what's under this?" He breathed.

"Yes," she gasped. "Please!"

He slid the straps of the bra from her shoulders, and turned it so that the cups were upside down. He massaged her bare nipples with his thumbs. Jenn writhed as her nipples formed hardened points under his thumbs. He lifted one of her breasts to his mouth, and circled his tongue around her nipple.

“Oh god,” Jenn breathed. “That feels so good.”

He sucked the nipple into his mouth, and flicked his tongue back and forth over the tip. The soft lashing of his wet tongue made her grind her hot crotch over his tight bulge. He groaned against her breast. He released her nipple from his mouth, and looked up at her.

“That feels so good,” he echoed as she ground her hot self against him. “I want to make you cum.”

“I want that too,” Jenn agreed.

“Let’s go back to bed?” Matt suggested.

“What about the dogs?” Jenn inquired.

“They’ll follow,” Matt answered.

He stood lifting her into his arms with her dress and bra half way off. She wrapped her arms and legs around him. Matt carried her back to his bedroom, and as he predicted the dogs followed. He transferred the music from the living room to the bedroom, and sat down on the end of the bed with her straddling him. He sucked the other nipple into his mouth and gave it the same treatment as the first. Jenn road the bulge in his pants until she creamed her panties.

“Oh! Matt!” She exclaimed. She wrapped her arms around him, and held him tight as she caught her breath.

“That was wonderful,” Matt breathed, “but I didn’t get to see it.”

He slid his hands under her skirt, and began massaging her through her panties with his thumbs. He could feel the moisture of her orgasm through the lacy fabric. Jenn rubbed against his massaging thumbs. He watched as her cheeks flushed, and her head fell back. Her eyes closed and her mouth fell open as she cried out her pleasure.

Jenn leaned into him, as she caught her breath for a second time. Matt scooted back on the bed to his pillows. He laid her on the bed and slid the dress off of her body, and discarded it on the floor. He reached under her and unhooked her bra, discarding that on the floor with her dress. He removed his t-shirt and blue jeans while she lay there watching him. All he wore was his boxers, and the gold chain she gave him for his birthday. A gold charm that consisted of an interlocking M and J hung from the chain. Jenn reached up and traced the letters with her finger.

“I can’t believe you’re wearing this,” she smiled up at him.

“Why wouldn’t I?” He inquired.

“Because it’s jewelry,” Jenn said, “and men don’t wear jewelry.”

“I wear it under my shirt,” said Matt. “Close to my heart, where you are.”

Jenn’s smile widened. “Matt, that’s so sweet.”

“I mean it,” he assured her.

“I believe you,” Jenn turned on her side to face him. She began to rub him through his boxers.

Matt lay on his back to give her better access. She pulled his erect cock through the fly in his boxers, and began caressing the shaft. Matt purred and flexed in her hand. Jenn continued sliding her hand slowly up and down his long shaft. She leaned down and licked his tip.

“Oh, yes, baby,” Matt affirmed. “Please use your mouth.”

Jenn slid her hot wet mouth over his tip, and down his shaft. She slid up and down his length keeping it wet with her saliva. Her hands went to work as well; one on the shaft below her mouth and the other lightly cupping and massaging his balls.

“Oh! Jenn!” He hissed through gritted teeth. He ran his fingers through her hair. “Keep going baby. “

His encouragement made her move faster. Matt began to thrust upward into her mouth as she came down.

“I’m gonna cum!” Matt exclaimed.

Jenn slid up to his tip one last time before he fired a warm stream of salty cum into her mouth. Matt let out a moan as he released. Jenn swallowed once he was finished. She sat up and looked down at him. Matt shot up and began kissing her fervently. He completely disregarded the fact that his seed was on her breath. He playfully wrestled her under the covers until he had her in the spoons position. Jenn laid there for a bit to indulge him, and then tried to get out of the bed.

“Where are you going?” He muttered in her ear. His arms tightened around her.

“I was going to go to bed,”

“So, go to bed here.”


“We’re not at either of our parents’ homes,” Matt assured her. “You can stay here with me.”

Jenn relaxed into his arms, and they fell asleep together.
Most of the week went the same way. During the day while Matt was at work Jenn would work on her homework, and make the obligatory daily call to her mother. Matt would text her when he was on his way home, and she would start dinner. When got home they would eat, and then spend the remainder of the evenings engaging in carnal activities. By Wednesday evening he managed to get her completely naked in his bed. He lay between her legs, and suckled her nipples while rubbing the length of his cock over her wet pussy.

“I want to try something,” he whispered. When she nodded he trailed kisses down her body to just above her crotch. He sat up and probed between her folds until he found her clit. He stroked it, and dipped the tips of his fingers into her clenching pussy until two of his fingers were knuckle deep inside her. He pumped them in and out, and circled over her clit with his thumb. He watched as she thrashed, writhed, and squealed with pleasure. “That’s it my sweet. Cum for me.”

Jenn writhed and bucked her hips against his hand. He removed his fingers from her, and replaced them with his mouth. As he dipped his tongue inside her he continued to circle her clit with his thumb. She came again, and he drank her warm juices down.

“I’m ready,” Jenn gasped.

Matt sat up on his knees, and stared down at her face. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Jenn answered. “You have condoms?”

“Of course,” Matt answered. He reached into the drawer of his nightstand, pulled out a foil packet, and tore it open. He rolled the condom over his throbbing cock, and lined the tip up with her opening. “Ready?”

Jenn bit her lower lip and nodded. She cried out as his thick tip breeched her virgin flesh. He tried to go slow so as not to hurt her more than need be, but she was so tight. His arms slid around her, and he pressed kisses to her as he sank root deep and felt his rod pierce her cherry. He stilled as her body shook. Something warm and wet hit his shoulder, and he pulled up to look at her.

“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry,” he moved to pull out but she wrapped her legs around him.

“Don’t,” she insisted, “just give me a moment.”

“Alright,” Matt lay still inside her. “You are actually the first virgin I’ve been with. I am sorry I hurt you.”

“It was more of a shock really,” Jenn admitted.

Matt waited until she moved beneath him. He moved slowly with her, and only picked up the pace when she gave her ascent. They found a steady rhythm, and he moved in her until he felt her tighten around him. He increased his speed, and held tight to her as he pumped inside her with abandon. She cried out as he pushed deep inside her, and he groaned in her ear as he emptied himself into the tip of the condom. He waited a few moments before pulling out of her and disposing of the condom. She curled into a ball until he curled up behind her and pressed his lips to her shoulder.

“Are you ok?” he whispered.

“I’m a little sore,” she admitted. She rolled to face him, and buried her face in his chest.

Matt pulled her against him, and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “It will go away.”

“I know,” Jenn looked up at him and smiled. She scooted up, and kissed him softly. “I’m glad it was you.”

“Me too,” Matt kissed her, “now we should get some sleep.”

“Ok,” Jenn yawned.

The next morning he woke her with a kiss. She looked at him, and then the clock. It was way past time for him to be at work.

“Are you sick?” She asked.

“No,” Matt kissed her again. “I took the rest of the week off.”

“Oh,” Jenn smiled. “Afraid I’ll have time to regret my decision?”

“No,” Matt answered. “I just didn’t feel right leaving you alone after last night. Come shower with me?”

He led her into his bathroom, and started the shower. When the water was warm enough he helped her into tub, and slipped in behind her. They stood under the spray together and he ran soapy hands over her slick wet body. Once she was rinsed off he pressed kisses over her clean skin.

“How do you feel this morning?” He asked.

“Better,” Jenn assured him. “Still a little achy.”

“Want me to kiss it and make it better?” He asked.

“Please?” Jenn turned to face him. She sighed as her knelt before her, and licked the outer edges of her crotch. She spread her feet apart, and his tongue slipped between her folds. His licks were soothing and arousing. When she moaned he slid his tongue inside, and sucked gently on her opening. “Oh, Matt.”

He cupped her ass to keep her from falling as he continued gently tongue fucking her. Each time she came he sucked her juices down stimulating another orgasm. When he finished he stood and kissed her. The taste of her on his tongue aroused her, and she tried to climb on him.

“I don’t have condoms in here.”

“Then take me back to bed and have your way with me.”

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