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A hat leads Sandra to her soul mate

Word count: 810

The Hat

“This hat is no good,” mumbling to herself. “I was told by the psychic this hat would bring me to my soul mate. Instead, it broke up my relationship,” Sandra sighs to herself. “Now all I have is myself and this silly hat. Life hates me.”

Sandra walks along the beach feeling sad and bad about herself. Thinking back to how everything was going so well and then things started slowly slipping away until everything just gave out at once. Ryan was such an amazing man until he was caught with Leslie, my ex-best friend. Strange how you can think you have everything one minute and then the next, there is nothing. Still wondering what that psychic was talking about. She said that a hat will bring you your soul mate. Standing at the water's edge a gust of wind sweeps over Sandra and blows her hat off her head.

“No. Please no,” quickly Sandra runs after it. There it is among those rocks. Even thought it brought so much turmoil in a twisted way it still feels like a security blanket. Quickly she sprints following the path of the hat and as she reached for it, the wind takes it away again. She was not ready to completely let go of everything yet. Earlier, she thought the hat was to blame for everything because she did not want to face her own feelings. Watching the hat blowing away from her brought this to her attention and seeing for the first time, the hat wasn't to blame, it was her. Frustrated with herself and her life she sinks down and sits on a rock accepting her failure of finding her soul mate is lost. Feeling overwhelmed by everything a single tear roll down her cheek.

A sound brings her out of her reverie which was not very pleasant so she welcomed the interruption, “Arf, arf, arf.”

Looking up Sandra sees the most beautiful golden retriever. She has large brown eyes with short ears that hang down to her cheeks and a cute black nose. The tail is thick at the base with feathering along the underside. The water-resistant coat is dense with a firm wavy outer coat and beautiful golden colour. “Maybe I need a dog,” Sandra mumbles.

“Come back here Goldie. What do you have there?”

As Dylan approaches Goldie, she takes off with the prize in her mouth, playing come catch me. Chasing her without catching up Dylan says, “Goldie, I give up you win.”

Watching the display, Sandra notices the golden retriever has her hat in his mouth. Excitedly, she walks toward the sturdy, solid gold creature who ran past her so fast. All she had to do was put her hand out for the steal except, she hadn't realized until after the golden fur zipped past her like a race horse. Watching sand being kicked up behind her; she felt her heart drop in her chest. She is so close, yet so far away.

Lost in her thoughts, Sandra does not realize the handsome, dark haired man running up behind her with his perfectly tanned muscled arm waving in the air and says, “Hey! Hey there!”

Startled, she turns around and sees the most amazing man. Feeling shy with her ginger colored hair blowing in the wind she puts a strand behind her ear and answers, “Um... Yes.”

“I am so sorry to bother you Ms. My dog seems to have found a new toy to bury. Does she have your hat?”

“Ah. Yes, she does. It is ok though because it is an old one.”

“I will get it back for you. Goldie! Goldie! Come here!”

Goldie runs in a circle like she is running for her life and stops abruptly at Dylan's feet and drops the hat. Jumping up his owner's legs and slobbering all over his face. “Thank you Goldie. Good girl.” Dylan picks up the hat and hands it over to Sandra and says, “Here you are...by the way, what is your name?”

Sandra reaches out for the hat saying, “My name is Sandra.” When she touches the hat the most amazing electrifying feeling flows from her toes all the way to her head. She feels a bit off balance in a good way. Looking into his dark chocolate eyes, she says, “Thank you. What is your name?”

Getting lost in her hazel eyes and looking closer, noticing the gold flecks. He replies, “Yes. Um, my name is Dylan. You are welcome. Have we met before? You seem somehow familiar to me?”

“I have been wondering the same thing. Just not sure where. You feel familiar.”

“Would you like to go for some coffee?”

“Sure, I would.”

“Come on Goldie we are going for coffee.”

A thought just hit Sandra. This hat did bring me my soul mate.

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