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Someone has stollen all the Easter Chocolate and the Easter Bunny must recover them.
Jack the Easter Bunny was ready to leave the enchanted realm of magic beings to arrive very early in the morning to the human world through a door in a large tree. He appeared in his favorite place to hide chocolate eggs and bunnies; Tulipsville. Throughout the gardens of the homes were ripe, beautiful tulips; perfect for hiding the chocolate treasures. He went tip-toeing through the tulips laying his edible gifts. From tulip garden to tulip garden he silently worked. After hours of work he wiped the seat from his furry head. Then he realized there was one more egg to place. He went to the last garden he had visited and was shocked. All the eggs were gone!

“Who could have done such a thing? The Easter Goblin! It has to be him and his underlings! He had to have taken them to his netherworld. ”

He took a deep breath and realized what he had to do.

“I must return to the magical realm and step through the door to his world and recover them.”

He went back to the tree where the doorway was and passed through back to his realm.

Jack asked his friends in his home for help.

“You have to help me, anyone.” Jack pleaded.

Everyone looked down in silence; all except his friend Nix , the Christmas elf.

“Everybody may be too scared, but I’m not. I’m with you,” Nix said.

“We have to hurry. The children in the human world will be waking up soon.”

Both of them went to the Dome of Sadness and found the wooden door to the netherworld. They passed through and were instantly in the wastelands full of tar pits and cursed forests. The sky was filled with plumes of smoke from volcanoes. On top of a high mountain was Castle Dread, the home of the Easter Goblin.

“We have to go through one of the vexed forests to reach the mountain peak.”

They entered the forest and after walking on the dry dead leaves and through gangly trees that surrounded them.

Suddenly they heard a loud scream. “AAAAAAHH!”

“Its’ a banshee!-cover your ears!”

They covered their ears and saw a transparent woman figure in tattered clothing.

“Nix rubbed his hands together and blew a white dust from them and the magical particles swirled around the banshee. In seconds the creature froze and fell to the ground and shattered.

“We have to move faster,” said Jack.

Both started running until they met a river of quicksand in their path.

“What will we do? asked Nix.

“That tree branch that arches over the tar over there, it should hold our weight, “said Jack.

They slowly climbed on the tree branch to reach the other side. After a few minutes, when Nix had made it to the other side, the branch broke and Jack grasped the end of it.


“I don’t know what to do!”

Nix grabbed his scalp trying to come up with an idea. Then it came to him. Nix withdrew a candy cane that magically grew longer, but just before Jack was about to take it he fell in the quicksand. Nix moved it around until he felt a pull and he dragged Jack out of the sand.

That was close,” said Jack. “Come on there is no time to lose!”

They exited the forest and came to the incline of the mountain.

Both of them climbed the base and were happy there were no more surprises. It was very easy to keep moving up with there being no steep slopes. When Jack and Nix reached the door of Castle Dread, none guarded the entrance. With a short sprint they saw him the Easter Goblin. He was emaciated and had glowing red eyes with sharp, long claws. His teeth were sharp and yellow.

“Why have you done this?”

“My whole life I have been spurned and hated by all in the magical realm. This is my revenge!” the goblin spewed.

“We only feel that way because of the things you have done. If you change your ways and return what you have stolen, I truly believe you will be accepted,” said Jack.


“It begins with trust,” Jack said as he held out his hand.

The Easter Goblin reluctantly approached them and was about to take hold of it then he stopped.

“This had better not be a trick.”

“Just trust us,” said Nix.

Jack received his hand and something magical took place. A glistening cloud enveloped the Easter Goblin. When the cloud abated he had remained the same but there was a benevolence, and magical look in his eyes. Likewise his voice had changed to a gentle, gracious sound.

“Come on we have to put the chocolate back. There is only one hour before sunrise.”

“Okay,” said changed Easter Goblin. “Follow me.” The three stepped through a portal behind a throne and were in the human world.

“I’ll get help,” said Nix as he approached the tree and passed through to the magical land.

After explaining the situation to the inhabitants, they quickly went to Jack’s aid.

They all took from the endless basket of chocolate and filled up dozens of baskets. Once again they kept quickly but silently through the tulips. All the beings saw the sun peeling over the horizon. They worked quicker, not being able to smell the tulips. Finally they made it. As for the Easter Goblin, he still remained decrepit but his heart and changed. It took time for the others to accept him, but soon he came to be loved just like everyone else. Easter would never again be in danger.

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