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A person manipulates his friend to win a bet.
John wiped the sweat off his forehead. His stomach turned with anxiety as he waited for the next serve from his opponent.

Okay, I can still win. I won’t lose this bet. I don’t care if he is seven points ahead. He thought.

The man on the other side of the table taunted him. “Yah know John, as sweet as it will be to steal two-hundred bucks from you, just wiping the floor with you is the best part.”

“Can it Larry, the tables can always turn.”

Larry tossed the ball into the air and drove it right passed him like lightening. John curse under his under his breath. “That jerk. If only he was as flustered as I am.” Then a thought came to him. Maybe a little distraction is exactly what I need.

“I think it is really sad how Microsoft took a big drop on the market. I hear it is its biggest fall up to date,” John said.

Larry frowned and contorted his face slightly. “What? Where did you hear that? I have not seen anything in the news,” asked Larry apprehensively.

“Oh, I can’t remember, Fox business news I think. It was a special report that just got announced. I know how you have a great share in the company. The worst part is that it is continued to get worse.

Larry gulped with glazed eyes.

“Ready Larry?”

Larry nodded.

John could see the worry in his Larry’s eyes.

Bingo he though.

John drove a semi-fast ball to Larry and he clumsily missed it. It was working; normally he would have returned that ball with ease.

“One for me” ,said John.

A coy smile came over John. Time to put it into over drive.

“Did you hear what old lady Smith reported?”

“No, what?” spewed Larry.

“Everyone knows you believe in aliens, so that is way I’m telling you, but she said a spaceship landed in her ranch down in the rural country.”

Larry’s jaw dropped and John served again causing a streak of white to fly right past him. The game was far from him, and he was being coerced quite well by John. John served again trying to keep from laughing as a third ball zoomed by Larry.

“When did she see this occurrence?”

John hit another one right past him then continued.

“A few days ago,” said John.

Smak!-the ball bounced off the table and Larry returned it this time but missed it again as John hit it back and scored another point. The game continued in the same fashion until it was near the end.

“Darn it! What’s wrong with me?!” exclaimed Larry.

“I don’t know, but I’m two points from winning two-hundred dollars,” John sneered.

Larry veered his eyes, and cracked his neck. He licked his lips and shook his head.

“I’m ready for you,” he said to John.

John smiled and bashed the ball with all his might but his opponent caught the ball with his paddle and scored for the first time in twenty –five-minutes.


Larry served again and sent the ball blazing over the table, nicking John in the waist.

“Ah yes, I’m back!” announced Larry.

This calls for something devious and nasty. John thought.

“Larry, I have to tell you something. And when I say this I am not joking; I have cancer.”

“You’re lying.”

“Look into my eyes and you’ll see I am not. Before we talk about it further, let’s just finish the game.”

“Really? “I’m so sorry. When did you learn this?”

John kept a sad face as yet another point as his.

One more and I’m rich!

Then just as he was about to make the winning serve, a loud alarm blared out and flashing lights flickered from around the recreation room. A security guard entered the room and addressed them.

“It’s a fire drill, vacate the premises immediately.”

“No, of all the luck? Why?!” exclaimed John.

They filled out of the room with group of people.

“Now that we’re out, talk to me about your cancer. What kind is it?”

John sighed. “Larry I’ll tell you the truth. I made up all those things to distract you from the game so I could win.”

“What!? Even the cancer!?”

“Yes,” John admitted.

John was surprised as the next thing he felt was the painful blow of a fist on his jaw.

“That’s for being a lying snake! We’ve been friends for fifteen years and you had the nerve to stoop so low!” scolded Larry.

“I’m sorry. I’ll give you the two-hundred bucks.” John offered holding his bloody jaw.

“Good. That is the least you can do.”

The alarm stopped and the people were stepping back into the recreation center.

With one comment Larry buried the hatchet.

“Let’s put this behind us. How about a game of poker?”

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