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A coward is a coward and often nothing more.
What is the point of a coward carrying on?

What kind meek lowly souls who cannot, will not, speak out for themselves, have the ability to reap the rewards of life? What so do they deserve to, their trembling hands unable to do much but follow the command of a glaring man raised above them with a whip in his hand; what so do they deserve when they waste whatever dignity they could grasp, draining it down to keep their pathetic soul alive. And how dead, that soul, how dead it may as well be for it doesn't live, but only moves on the bare requirements of life.

A coward is not fixed by a few moments and thoughts of risking themselves for one other. A coward, more often than not, is stuck as a coward, only picking up habits around them of the same who beat them down, eager to think that someday someone more pathetic than they would come along, so pathetic that they'd let someone as low as them have control.

A coward, though unacting on such thoughts, does possess the thoughts of breaking cowardice and becoming a hero. Only a heartless soul, which can be just as thriving as the coward population, doesn't have such thoughts, though that is another topic entirely. A coward has the thoughts of destroying their oppressor, but is just more than unlikely to never or rarely successfully act on the impulses bred out of them.

So, despite popular belief, a coward does not just care for themselves—but this does not mean, that, in a life-death situation, they will act for anyone but them to keep their own life. And that is what should make a coward a coward: They are not brave enough to act on keeping another alive, no matter if they should believe they deserve life more than themselves. Should you imagine the disasters that could be kept from happening if a few men where to speak their minds, and not only speak, no, but raise a blade and take action...You would see a vision of the future bred to be less pathetic, less oppressed.

But then there is an entirely new matter brought at hand, if you should choose to envision a future where others—or yourself—are not cowards. The mass would be attempting to upstage each other, pull power, reign over those who they believe should be cowards, groveling and kissing at their feet. It would be chaos, in short.

As detestable as these pathetic, weak, uhelpless cowards are—they are vital to the system running as smooth as it possibly can. A coward is not praised for being a coward, shall not and will never be, but it should not be forgotten that if you hold any position above the status of a coward, you only have them to thank for being there.

Cowards shall and will always be, cowards. Good and evil may not be inherited at birth, but being brave or a coward quite is.
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