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DID is a mental illness that literally fragments your mind. Contest Entry.
My mind is ravaged by bugs and beasts

Images that play on repeat so that I cannot sleep

Noises and voices murmuring just out of reach

An unrelenting fear overheating in the summer night's air

Though nothing comes linear,

None of these things stripping my rest,

None of them make a word of sense!

Every picture is melting and clawed to shreds!

The humid air is devoid of oxygen!

It's enough to make me believe perhaps,

I'm just mad!

I'm haunted!

I'm not real!

I'm fading!

I'm alone!

Where am I?

I don't know where I am.

I don't know who I am.

I think I'm the only one alive anymore.

I must be feeling every emotion in the world.

Please come back to me.

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