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Vannessa stumbles upon her ex on a happenstance

Word Count: 867

Cab Ride

The dreams recurred more often recently about Scott, my ex-boyfriend from five years ago. Usually, when I have a dream it is a sign that I will catch a glimpse of him at the supermarket or a random awkward happenstance. Even though in the end he treated me badly, which I would not allow any longer, so I ended it. There was so much anger between us that to resolve anything was impossible at the time.

Today started out as any other day except for one thing, I hailed a cab and got in. As I was telling the driver where I wanted to go someone opened the door on the other side saying, "I am sorry for intruding, except I need to be somewhere in ten..."

At that point all we could do was stare at each other. I stopped the silence by saying, "Scott, I think it is time we had a talk. Come on in."

Looking around awkwardly, Scott reluctantly climbed in the cab. "I am sorry I keep running into you like this. If I knew you were in this cab I would look for another one."

"Fate has brought us back together. Why do you think we keep running into each other?"

Pausing for a moment, with a reply, "I am not sure."

Getting impatient a voice, asks, "Where to?"

"Bailey and Duncun, the Trade District," replies Scott.

Since I have already wasted enough precious time, I make my way over to Scott's side of the cab, saying to him, "I have missed everything about you." I am straddling Scott while saying, "I missed your beautiful golden hair, your eyes sparkle like blue sapphires, your tanned, muscled body. Most of all..." I reach up to his ear and whisper to him, "I miss the feel of your hard manhood throbbing inside me with the feeling of bliss when you explode your waters into me."

I begin undoing Scott's zipper and slip my hand inside, grasping his cock, "Vanessa, are you sure this is a good idea?"

"I would not be doing this if I did not think so. Looks like you are very happy to see me." I take his member in my mouth, sucking and kissing while I can feel him grow with each stroke of my tongue. The memory of how he likes to be touched is now my reality here. It does not take long for me to feel my own waters running down my leg, the touch of Scott's cock has that affect on me.

Lifting up my skirt I am not wearing any underwear, I climb on top sliding the hard sensitive pleasure stick quick and hard inside my running water with a gasp that could be heard from both of us. "I can't believe you are doing this. What if someone sees us?"

I respond in a breathless voice, "Scott, we live in New York. They see everything here, besides most people will just think I am sitting on you. I want to show you something I learned while we were apart and get your opinion on it."

I start to squeeze my vertical smile around the length of Scott's member, just little pumps at first, then the big one comes, holding him in pleasure. "Where... did you... learn... that?"

"My secret for now." I continue squeezing while I kiss his lips slowly, sucking and connecting my tongue with his. Making my way to his ear, I nibble gently which makes him groan in ecstasy. "My love, I have been missing you so much."

"Yes, I can tell." The couple continues to lose themselves in each other in a euphoria high, making up for lost time.

I can feel Scott put his hands on my ass and push himself deep inside me, the deepest he has ever plunged his cock inside of me before and I nearly collapsed in bliss. For a moment I allowed him to take over and pump himself over and over while he says, "You are the most amazing woman and this is the best cab ride ever. I want to live inside your vagina for the rest of my life. No woman can touch me in the way you have. Vanessa, please come back to me?"

"Sshhhh. There will be plenty of time to talk about that. For now, enjoy yourself, enjoy my giving pleasure to the man I have always loved and never stopped loving."

These words put Scott in more of a frenzy, pounding so hard into me, I never want him to stop. I can feel the warm breath tickling my ear, "I am coming. I am going to come."

The explosion of fluids being swapped inside my cock socket which has fit Scott perfectly in every way. A warmth is felt in my most intimate areas with a tingling sensation being felt through my entire body, my lips have gone numb with bliss.

Holding me close a whisper in my ear says, "Vanessa, you can do that to me anytime."

I get off of him and sit beside him our hands interlocked with each other, saying, "I have finally come home."

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