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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2038027
Taurus decides to kiss Gwen for the first time in their nine year friendship.
Taurus leaned back against a large fallen tree with Gwen sitting between his bent legs. As they stared up at the shimmering lights in the dark sky he slid his fingers through her long, curly, silken, strawberry-blond hair. He lowered his head and inhaled the sweet scent of herbal serum she used in her hair. The enhanced sense of smell he inherited from his Minotaur father allowed him to smell her before seeing her, but he loved to fill his nose with her scent. The other thing he loved about her was her acceptance of his uniqueness. Most people were afraid or revolted by the set of bull horns protruding from his head and the amber color of his eyes.

He slid his arms around her waist and pulled her up to cross his legs beneath her.

“Taurus!” Gwen giggled.

“I like being able to whisper in your ear without having to slouch,” he explained. “I am so glad we can still sit like this even though we are not children.”

“As am I,” Gwen turned her head to look up at him. Her radiant green eyes locked with his smoldering amber eyes. Her lips parted on a soft gasp.

“How long have we been friends?” Taurus asked. He smiled as she calculated the years in her head. Her intelligence was beyond his, but it was not unexpected from the daughter of the Royal Magus.

“Nine years,” Gwen answered.

“And you are a woman now,” Taurus observed. His smile widened as she stared at him incredulously. “I can smell the change in you.”

“Of course you can,” Gwen laughed. “I flowered a few months ago.”

Taurus loved to hear her laugh. She never laughed at him in a malicious way; just her usual cheerful giggle. He cupped her face in his large hands, and slid his fingers into her soft burnished gold curls. Her hair always reminded him of a young fox’s pelt, and her smile and bright eyes led him to give her the pet name kit. He loved his little kit, and he wanted to tell her before it was too late. He would be going on a mission with his father into another territory, which he might not return from. He knew it had to be now.

“You are so beautiful my little kit,” he chuckled. “I remember when you were just a little girl.”

“Well, compared to you I will always be a little girl,” Gwen beamed.

“No, you are a little woman,” Taurus corrected.

He leaned close, tilted his head to one side, and paused to give her a moment to stop him. When she didn’t he pressed his lips to hers, and flicked his tongue over them. He probed further in search of hers. She tasted like the sweet wine they drank earlier in the evening. He hummed with pleasure as they kissed, and laid her on the soft grass. She shifted beneath him brushing the prominent bulge in his pants, and rested her hands on his shoulders. When she gave a gentle push he reluctantly lifted his mouth from hers. His hand slid down her side to her waist.

“Did I hurt you?” Taurus asked. He tried to be gentle but he could not always control his strength.

“No,” Gwen answered. “I am a bit confused.”

“Why?” Taurus cocked his head to one side; a bit confused. He slid his thumb over the knob of her hip.

“I never realized you felt this way about me,” Gwen admitted. She shifted under his gentle caress. “We are close friends but I did not realize you felt so strongly.”

“I spent the past year trying to figure out how and when to tell you.” Taurus leaned down to press his lips to hers, but paused when she rested two of her small fingers against his pursed lips. He parted his lips and sucked the tiny fingers into his mouth. She gasped as he slid his tongue around them. She giggled and pulled her fingers from his mouth. He contented himself with trailing kisses to her ear when she turned her head away.

“What is wrong my little kit?”

“It is just all happening so fast.”

“Have you ever been kissed before?”


Taurus paused for a moment. He was pretty sure he knew who had beaten him to kissing her first, but he did not want to spoil the mood by asking. Instead he engaged her in another deep kiss. Their tongues entwined and Gwen’s arms slid around his thick neck. She moaned into his mouth as he kneaded her hips and began to hike up her skirt. He slid a thigh between her legs and worked his way between them. She squealed and attempted to push him away when she felt the crown of his cock notch itself between the moist folds of her sex. Taurus paused and pulled back. He wanted her, but he did not intend to take her without her permission.

“Taurus please,” Gwen implored, “I have never…”

He placed a thick finger over her lips and made a soft shushing noise. “It is alright. I can wait until you are ready.”

© Copyright 2015 Gineva Navazio (jlh1982 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2038027