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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Mythology · #2038069
A sort of spiritual sequel to 'A Dragon's Tale' (and nothing to do with the movie :) )
A Knight’s Tale

The dragon was slain yesterday
In a field charred and raw
Blood basted from the souls that paid
The sins they did and saw
Soak the resting place they fell
Smoking ash remains
A testament to how we tell
The victors in life’s games
The brave who fought majestic
The martyrs rise to grace
The villains failed rhetoric
The falling of a face
A face painted by victors,
The one’s who didn’t fall
Painted out in whispers
As time, it takes its call
Blurring lines ‘tween heroes
The sidekicks and the foes
Characters in stories
… with their fairytale woes
Embellished for the peasants
Gilded in a frame
Wrapped up for the present
The new rules of the game
Where roles play loosely on the wind
And stations, they do change
Twisting as the storm rescinds
And war lines rearrange
Forged in blood and fire
From dragons of the same
Dragons of our making
The villains of the game
Yet even in the peace time
As rain soaks out the blood
As wind quenches the ashes
The memories that stood
Under rain and lightning
Underneath the ground
Echoes leap round frightening,
in dark caves they resound
Protecting ovate stone shapes
In whispers born of hate
Echoes from forgotten times
And victories of late
This medieval wheel spins
Grinding to the end
And underneath that splintered wind
The stone, it starts to rend
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