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short story of how plastic bottles saved the day
Authors Note: This was one of the first stories I plotted out when I first started getting into creative writing, I would like to think it a story for children of all ages and hope you find it mildly entertaining.

There was an Island called Bottleland, where all sorts of bottles lived. There were big ones, small ones, fat ones, shiny ones and even one or two square ones.

Each week a ship would make its way to Bottleland and rich merchants would collect the bottles they desired. They generally favoured the gleaming glass ones and seemed to ignore those made of plastic. Thus a class distinction arose, with coke bottles as the hierarchy and the plastics as peasants.

The plastic bottles were looked down on and the glass bottle parents began forbidding their children to mix with plastic scum (as they cruelly referred to them). Whenever something went wrong or a bottle was unexplainably smashed the plastics were the first to get the blame.

Anyhow, one day the leader of Bottleland, King Zerocole, decided to have a parade to celebrate his 34th birthday (which was quite an age for a bottle in Bottleland). Everyone was invited, except of course for the plastics; they had to stay behind and dust and clean the Glass bottles’ houses.

King Zerocole led the procession playing a trumpet. Behind him were brass bands, jugglers, Fanta Clowns, and lime juice bottles handing out memorial bottle tops to the young sprites. The bystanders were delighted and clapped their caps with glee. They loved it and said how they would like to see these sorts of events more often.

Then it happened!

A siren sounded and a hush fell over the crowd. Not a word was uttered but they all shared the same dreaded thought. A messenger ran through the crowd and knelt before the King.

“Your majesty, I have terrible news,” said the out of breath messenger. “Captain Uncanny approaches with his crew of killer cans!”

They all rushed to the beach and sure enough, in the distance, sailed the mighty pirate-ship “The Ten-Ton-Tin.” It moved swiftly through the water, cannons aimed at Bottleland

Steady as she goes me hearties!" ordered Captain Uncanny as he looked through his telescope "We be in for a smashing good time."

When they were in range Captain Uncanny gave the orders to attack and cannons thundered firing out can after can. The glass bottles ran for their lives, as the hurtling cans began to smash them.

Into their houses they fled, most falling victim to Captain Uncanny’s wrath. Even King Zerocole whom normally kept a cool head in disastrous situations had no idea what to do and panicked with the rest of them.

Unable to be stopped, the pirate cans boarded life rafts, sailed ashore and charged into the main city center, smashing helpless bottles at will. Then, just when it seemed all was lost, the Plastic Bottles rushed to the rescue!

"Think you're pretty tough huh?” they taunted “Well try us out for size."

Bravely the plastics stood their ground deflecting the cans without injury until the remaining glass bottles were safely inside their houses, and King Zerocole and his army had been secured in the special shelters, which had been made to protect them in such an emergency.

The plastics jeered at their frustrated enemy then started organizing themselves into tactical groups. The first group collected all the hoses they could find and the second group connected them to taps. A third group calculated distances.

Now the Plastics had their own leader, Rea-psych de Plas, though his authority went mostly unrecognized by the upper-glass snobs. He gave a special single known only to his loyal comrades and the taps were turned on full bore. Water shot out and saturated the enemy.   

In no time at all the cans began rusting and it was now their turn to flee in terror, rowing the rafts as fast as they could and hastily climbing back on board the Ten-Ton-Tin. Captain Uncanny, knowing that he had been out-smarted, shook his fist at the plastics and quickly turned the ship around. He sailed away from Bottleland as fast as he was able, vowing never to return.

The glass bottles came out from hiding and gave three hearty cheers for the plastics and King Zerocole declared that from then on both Plastic and Glass Bottles should live together in harmony. And to this day you will find both plastic and glass bottles sitting side by side in every store you visit, of course the cans still keep their distance.

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