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Boy sees the beach for the first time
    Being in the family van for almost 7 hours is way more painful than I ever imagined.  My sister talked the whole time and I mean the whole time. Dad drove and the only words he uttered were "Make break time quick. We are making good time." Mom just hummed to the radio and acted like she was interested in what Tammy was saying.

    This is our first family vacation. Well actually it's our first vacation ever. When mom and dad finally married they promised us that their honeymoon would include us and the beach is were we would go. I've seen tons of pictures and even heard my friends talk about the beach, but never did I imagine that this day would ever come. I would be putting my own feet in the white sand soon and taking on waves. This is what has gotten me through the hours in this rundown tan van.

    "Greg, now anytime we are on the beach I want you looking out for Tammy. Especially in the water. It can get rough out there and you are  the stronger swimmer." Mom says from her co-pilot chair.

    "Yes I know." Rolling my eyes. All I want to do is see this for myself. Make my own opinion of this supposed magical place.

    Pulling into the parking spot of the public access parking lot excitement is on the docile side of what I'm feeling right now. Tammy is so excited that she is jumping up and down in her seat, which is shaking the whole darn van. Dad is going over the rules when we are on the beach and mom is making sure she has everything in her obnoxiously big, pink beach bag.

    Moving forward towards the beach I can hear the crashing of the waves. The seagulls cry out to each other telling where the new spot for food is. I can also hear the laughter of all the families enjoying the sand and sun.

    The sand is so white that it sparkles when the sun shines down on it. Putting my bare feet into the fine sand for the first time solidifies that this place,right here, is my absolute happy place. I just want to lay here forever and soak it all in.

    Waves crashing one after another create a white froth along the shoreline. Tammy is running around screaming "I want to go into the water. Can we go into the water now?"

      "Son I hope this is what you expected because us being a family now and being here is everything and more to me." Dad says looking out over the water. Smiling a smile I've never seen from him before.

    "It is everything I have been hoping for in my 14 years alive." I say smiling back.

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