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Age is beginning to show in my face. Sharing links and Boomer research on skin care.


There is no magic age where one's skin begins to show age. Skin aging happens from environmental factors and heredity. The environment is my focus here. If some research offers a hope for relief of genetic dark circles under my eyes, I would try it expecting less of a result. Environmentally damaged skin, however, can be transformed into healthy glowing skin, with some dedication and effort, and perhaps a few supplements.

The beginning vow to develop better skin has to do with your relationship with water. We're not taking about other liquids like coffee, sodas, tea, energy drinks, milk, etc. We're talking about clear clean H20 that comes out of the tap, or the purchased water bottle.

Water is water. Whether it comes from the tap, or from a purchased bottle--the size and shape of your preference, you need to consume plenty of water in order to hydrate your innards and outards, and the spaces in-between.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. From your armpits to your belly flesh, from the scalp under your hair all the way down to your possibly cracking heels, skin covers a lot of area not matter how tall or short, no matter how pudgy or thin you are.


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