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by Tweak
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The use of technology in a church environment and it's impact.
A new world of electronics is emerging and leaving many behind. Technology is getting so expensive these and who can keep up? Churches are lacking in the technology department. But churches don’t need technology to worship God, right? This being true, it doesn't mean we cannot benefit and reach more people with the help of technology. I don’t want you to read this and think you need technology to do God’s work. Rather I would like you to walk away with a new perspective on technology in the church.
Think about how the 1st century church for a moment, they didn't have much. They had a building with walls and a roof, most likely lit by the sun coming in through the windows. They didn't have any of the comforts we do today like heat, electric or running water. They didn't need that stuff to worship God or reach the lost. Today those things are necessary because we are used to them being in every building. We are now entering an age where computers and electronic devices are a staple in homes, schools, and businesses. They are a means to reach out to people and communicate with people all around the world. I do not think we need these devices to worship our God. We don’t need speakers and microphones, they are just a tool to help us speak to larger audiences so everyone can hear the Word of God. We don’t need a projector or huge flat screen televisions to worship our Savior but it helps us grasp ideas better. They can be used to put God’s Word up for everyone to read together or song lyrics so we can sing praises to our Lord. Technology can be useful but we need to make sure not to abuse it.
As a church we need to keep things personal. We don’t want an electronic voice greeting our visitors, how nice is it for someone to greet you personally when you walk through those doors. If we over do technology then we won’t have that fellowship that God has intended for us, that personal connection to the church and to God. There are many useful ways to use technology but let us not get carried away.
The cost of technology is a big issue. Would you be being a good steward if you use the money God has given you to buy the newest most expensive computer, projector, flat screen, sound system, etc. No, buying new is not the way to go for churches. Donations from members would be best if you have anyone who is done with their old stuff. The key is to use what you already have unless it will cost you more to maintain. There are many ways save money when it comes to technology but so far the best way to save money I have seen and used is in computers. When computers get slow people normally throw them out, that is when I ask them for it. So getting the computer itself is cheap and sometimes free, so what’s so expensive about that? Well the computer you get is something someone doesn't think works good enough for their needs anymore, it is either too slow or just old. The number one expense for fixing up an old computer is the software, the Operating system and the programs on it. There is a solution for that which is completely free, Linux. You’ll probably ask; don’t you need to be a computer geek to work with Linux? The answer is no. The newer Linux Operating Systems look and feel a lot like Windows, just without the price tag. The programs that go on Linux Systems are also free. So a free or cheap computer, a free Operating System, and free programs; that sounds pretty cheap to me. There are some trade offs, but being able to stretch the funds of the church to do more is worth the little bit of learning curve.
God has cultivated us to do his work. All the life experiences that we have had, good and bad, are used to glorify our Lord and savior. He knows the bigger picture and even if we don’t see how we can use something that has happened or is happening to us in our life, God has a plan for us and will never forsake us. Let God work through you today.
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