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She was pregnant only in her dreams, or so she thought...

A Love Transparent


Steven G. Mann


i}Mina climbed into bed, and rolled over on her back. She began her nightly ritual for falling asleep.
"Feet relax. Calves relax. Thighs relax...."    Then, her shoulders were being held down. Now something was pressing down on her chest. Was she having a heart attack? She felt the same pressing feeling on her legs. She tried to roll from side to side, but found herself pinned in place. She jerked her head. Unseen hands stopped her. It's time to panic!  She opened her mouth to scream. Her screams died in her throat.  A cold sweat flowed from her body.  She was trembling.  The pressure slowly lifted from her upper body. Her head and lower body were still held in place.
She raised her arms and frantically struck at the nothingness on top of her.  The pressure slowly increased below her waist, and between her thighs. She realized what was about to happen. She had to scream 'Stop! No!'  But it became a cold whisper.
Then the pressure was gone.  She bolted out of bed. Her t-shirt was stuck to her body. She turned to run out of the bedroom, but was held in place.  The feeling of unseen hands went from her breasts to her waist. Then a lighter pressure was against her stomach. It seemed to move from one side to the other. At first Mina felt it from the outside, then that feeling was matched by the same feeling from the inside.
A familiar voice filled her mind, 'Go to bed, my love. You need your sleep.'
And Mina slept.

* * * * * *   
10 weeks later....                                                     

"I can't be pregnant," Mina yelled at her doctor.

Dr. Adele Sand removed her examination gloves. "You're right, Mina, you

can't be. But you are. "

"How? How can I be pregnant? I'm still a virgin, damn it!"
The doctor sat next to the Ultrasound monitor.  The radiology tech applied the clear gel to Mina's stomach, and slowly moved the transducer over her stomach.  The doctor, looking at the monitor,  just shook her head in disbelief.  She told the tech to shut the machine off.
"Same problem?" Mina asked.
" Yes. I had this machine re-calibrated twice since your last visit.  It's checks fine, as long as I'm using it to examine anyone else but you. For some reason the picture I get with you is a clear view of your developing fetus, then ..."
"Yes?" Mina sighed.
" It just vanishes. Then..."
"Then it reappears. Disappears. Reappears. I just don't get it."
The doctor walked over to the computer and began typing. "Yes, you are definitely a virgin. A 46 year-old, very pregnant virgin.  I would estimate that you are just over two and a half months along."
The walls in the doctor's office were not thick enough to block out Mina's screams of 'No', and a variety of curse words she had perfected over the years.
When she had finished, the nurse came in with the  prescription for prenatal vitamins,  and a booklet on nutrition and exercises for a first pregnancy, and some mild tranquilizers.
"I want a second opinion," Mina demanded as she was getting dressed. The nurse smiled.
" Doctor Sand thought you might. Here is the name and number of one of our best OB/GYN's in our hospital."

"You are definitely pregnant," The one of the best OB/GYN's in the hospital said. Then "....and definitely a virgin."
Mina took a deep breath and asked the question that no one had an answer  "How?"
"Well, you have no signs of any type of surgical or obstetrical procedures. Except for some bizarre type of divine fertilization, my colleagues and I are at a complete loss."
Mina was instructed to make a twice monthly appointment at the Research Hospital throughout her pregnancy.

At six months the doctors told Mina her baby was healthy, which made her happy, but the new concern was why she wasn't 'showing' her pregnancy.  That didn't bother Mina as much as why she wasn't feeling seven months pregnant.  No morning sickness, no sore back, no uncomfortable sleep, no nausea, no miniature human kicking her bladder. She still had not told her family or her closest friends.  She decided it was time to confide in someone who would not be judgmental.  So, over a skinny mocha with a pump and a half of dark chocolate syrup, Mina told Perique, her Zumba instructor.
"So, who is this lucky papa?" Perique asked.
"There is no father. I haven't slept with, or had sex with any man."
"But you were married, yes?"
"No. I was engaged to a minister in our church. He believed in premarital chastity. But a week before our wedding he died in a catastrophic composting accident. I've remained chaste to honor him."
"How long ago was that?" inquired Perique.
"Twenty-six years,"  Mina replied.  Perique choked down her coffee. She told Mina she would see her at the Wednesday Zumba class, then quickly left the coffee shop.

Mina enjoyed a hot shower before getting ready for bed. She had let the warm steam fill her bathroom. She walked into her bedroom pulling her oversized Garth Brooks t-shirt on.  She glanced in the mirror. For a split second she saw a...was it a shadow....or the ceiling light reflecting off the escaping steam?  Mina took the towel off her head and waved it, stirring the steam. The shadow drifted to the mirror.  Mina stood frozen.  Her fiancee's face was reflected in the mirror. His lips formed words, words Mina heard filling her soul, "It's OK. It's ours."  Mina was left with only her reflection looking back.
She crawled into bed and slept.
The alarm woke her. She had slept well.
As she was getting dressed for work, she had a vague memory of dreaming about her fiancee and how dangerous compost can be.

Two months later...
The delivery room was unusually crowded. Along with the doctor and two OB nurses, there was also a photographer, and four young interns. All were there to watch the delivery of a full term infant that had not caused Mina to show any signs of carrying a full term infant.
The doctor did the episiotomy.  Then.... other hands seemed to take over the delivery.  The photographer began taking pictures non-stop.
The top of the baby's head became visible. The slightly confused doctor tried to cradle the back of the infants head.  He started to put his hand behind the baby's shoulders and ease it out, but his hands were not able to touch the child.  The baby finished its own delivery, coming out on its own.
The doctor quickly took hold of the baby, and placed it on the examination table. As the nurse began wrapping the child in a blue blanket, the infant vanished.  Confusion was quickly building to panic in the delivery room.
Slowly the baby reappeared on it's mothers chest. Mina gently moved her baby to her breast where he quickly found his source of nourishment. Then the child disappeared.
Mina could feel her child's breathing and heart beating. She felt invisible hands caressing her and the child. Her fiancee's voice whispered "It's ours."
"Yes", Mina replied to the confused delivery room staff.
"What shall we name him?"
Mina thought, and then said, "Anything but Casper."

word count=1227

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