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Two boys take turns growing or shrinking to pleasure each other.
One day you're walking to your friend's house.  His name is Hunter, he's 16 years old and is around 5 ft 3 inches.  Your name is Josh, you're 5 ft 8 inches and are the same age as Hunter.  You make it to his house and he tells you that it's just going to be the two of you.  It was almost always just the two of you when you were over.  His parents were almost always working and his older brother loved going out with friends.  You decided to take Hunter to a large field a ways down the road to explore and see if you could find anything cool or of value.  Little did he know, that's not really why you chose to go there.  Once the two of you reach the farm, you ask Hunter, " Do you want to hear and see something cool?"  Hunter replied, "Sure, what is it?"  You imagine yourself the same height of Hunter and slowly start shrinking.  Hunter had a strange look on his face.  "What happened?", yelled Hunter.  "I just shrank myself to your height."  "But how, one cannot simply shrink."  "I know, I have the ability to grow or shrink anyone or anything.", you say to your friend.  You return to your normal height and ask Hunter if he wants to have some fun.  Like always, he was excited.  To start out, the two of you start comparing body parts.  You told Hunter to sit down and take off his shoes and socks, which he did, no questions asked.  Then you put your bare-feet next to his, yours towering over his being about two inches bigger.  Hunter was a small 16 year old, and he knew it too.  "Hey Hunter, not being gay, but do you want to compare the sizes of our penises?  Hunter replied, "Um, sure I guess."  "Cool, don't get hard yet, let it stay soft."  Planning ahead, you brought along a tape measure.  Your penis soft measured 4 inches, Hunter's 3 inches.  Hard yours was 6.5 inches to Hunter's 4.5 inches.  You imagined your penis being 10 inches hard, and it started inching along to 10 inches in length.  Hunter jumped back in shock, "What the fuck man!?"  "Chill Hunter, everything is fine.  Do you want a bigger dick?"  Hunter replied, "Sure, I don't see how that could hurt a guy."  "Okay, how big exactly?  Just keep in mind, it can't be larger than mine."  "Then make it nine and a half inches hard, and seven soft."  You started imagining Hunter having just that, and within seconds, his was under an inch bigger than yours.                           
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