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by Smee
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Write a Poem in honour of Mr. Spock, whose alter ego Leonard Nimoy passed on in February.
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Our mission begins,
On into space.
Warp engines powered.
What will we face?

Scanning their vessel,
Looking inside.
Preparing to fight.
Take all in our stride.

"There's life Jim,
but not as we know it.
Uhura is here,
ready to transmit."

"Activate shields,
Set red alert.
Fire a warning,
No one to be hurt."

"Fascinating, Captain,"
Spock speaks out.
"What do you see,
something important, no doubt?"

"Their weapons are strong,
But I have a plan.
I discovered a weakness,
When I did a scan."

"Activate deflector
Reverse polarity,
Should give our phasers,
sufficient parity."

With Spock's clever science,
Victory is sure.
They're free to continue,
a five year detour.

They have no idea,
Just what is in store
Travelling where no man.
has gone before.

Live long, and prosper.
A worthy prayer.
Leonard you'll be remembered.
On this, I swear.
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