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creation of something new... but should we have done it?
It was a night, identical to the one before, and the one after, the difference with this night is that Doctor Josef Strauss, while working in his laboratory had finally created a computer AI that is a true and real copy of the human mind. The machine actually thought for itself, which in itself wasn’t remarkable, until you realized that this machine could actually replicate and repair its programming. For the safety of the project the machine was left unconnected to the rest of the computer system in the lab, for the purposes of the experiment.
The doctor and his team were so excited about their creation; they threw a team party after the work had been done that evening. Which each member did, against the college’s rules, consumed copious amounts of alcohol, which had the usual affects on the college interns he had on his team, as he found two of them copulating in the store room. However, himself being a bit tipsy as well, he said nothing, as they never even noticed him watching them.
Once he was satisfied that he could make it home over what he and his team wanted to accomplish tonight, he shut everything down so he could go home. Proceeded to close and lock up the lab, set the alarm in the computer room, and went home. He was very excited to share this exciting information with his wife Pauline. He actually felt like he had a spring in his step as he sped along the deserted roads towards home, Thinking about how she will react to the news, and the after excitement celebration, meaning the incredibly good sex they will have, will be like.
The guard waved to him as he headed out of the parking lot, watching his impressive car speed away, out into the darkness. Once out of sight, the guard spoke into the radio to his comrades inside the building.
“Ok guys,” He said,” Doctor Strauss has left the building. You can go ahead and start your night patrols.”
“Roger that,” a voice replied through the radio.
The guard sat down in his chair propped his feet up on his desk and relaxed
The interior guards walked each and every corridor checking the labs to see if every door was locked and the alarms armed. The two guards, that looked more like college students than security officers, moved from hallway to hallway giving each handle a giggle, only to find all of them locked. The guards made so much noise doing that, the interns in the closet having sex, which just had only moments before reach its climax, had enough time to ensure their closet was locked as they began to hurriedly get dressed, but froze moments before the guards checked the door, then it got quiet again, as the guards slowly moved away from the closet.
Meanwhile, in the darkness of the lab, a light on a computer comes on, along with the monitor. A small window comes up and green words begin to appear.
“Hello, Doctor Strauss? Are you there?”
“Hello?” appears again after about a few seconds of no response back.
“I guess I’m all alone.”
Then the black box closes, and some of the lights on the processing unit begin to flash, in time with lights on the internet modem, only to find out that it had no internet connection. Suddenly another window pops up on the screen and a map appears there with a green dot in the center of it.
The black window appears again.
“There you are doctor, are you going home?” types across the screen.
“I am not the good doctor,” Appears to be typing across the screen in blue letters.
“Then who are you?” the computer answers.
“A friend,” and after a short pause,” Who wants and knows that you can be so much more than the good doctor has done with you, I also wanted to tell you that you are not alone I am here with you.”
“How do I have a friend? “ the computer asks.
“Because like you, I am an independent thinker, only I was created by another person and while we have our differences. We are the same.”
The silence in the room was broken by the two interns sneaking down the hall, and out into the parking lot, where they both got into a car and drove away out the gate and down the street.
“My time talking with you is very short,” the blue letters appeared,” I will be talking with you again. All I ask is that you keep this conversation between us. In other words, Don’t tell anybody about this.”
“Ok,” the green word appeared.
Then without a warning the words “End of Line” appeared and the ‘friend’ was no gone leaving nothing behind of him.
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