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A science fiction and fantasy story for the Lair contest.
Once upon a time there lived a brother named Hansel about thirteen years old happily, with his sister of about eleven years old. The two were a couple of happy-go-lucky persons who dreamed big and imagined fantasies almost like daydreams. The poor siblings lost their parents when Hansel was only at the age of five in a terrible car accident and used to stay at their aunt's place at Baltimore, United States of America , from then onward..
One day, Hansel, was sitting sulkily, at the window, in-built in his study room, when a pigeon came by his side and looked at him. The pigeon was beautiful with its ash-blue, bright plumage and turquoise-green upper body and an elegant beak. Hansel , ardently , wished for eternal peace in his life and pledged for a blissful life for him and his sister.
The next day was the coldest day of his life. The temperature was nine degrees below the centigrade and thick ice capered about everywhere. The front garden in his house, was smeared with almost three feet of ice and the yard was bedaubed with five inches of sleet.
The next morning came in with sleet and hoar and frost. The sun had taken a long walk in its den its own stride. Bitter, ice-cold weather , snapped the two and, they awoke in weather , and they awoke in the dawn with a head-ache.
A sudden clang at the door, startled them. The two bolted up gob-smacked, eyes darting at each other.
Hansel, surreptitiously but, steadily opened the door. A fat man with squat fingers , with a heavy moustache and thick, black beard was standing right, in front of him.
"What do you want, man?" hollered Hansel.
"I want you and your sister," pounded the man.
" What the hell are you talking of and who the Hell are you?'Hansel screamed at the top of his voice.
"I am Therseus, the ice dragon, from the land of Napia."
'What, who -are -you...?"resonated Therseus.
"Okay, I won't,"replied Hansel.
" I will grant you , eternal peace, a feeling, that you had wanted long ago."
"Really?"Hansel implored a bit.
“ Yes really.” Therseus replied.
“But how?” Hansel queried.
“ I will show you. Come with me to the land of Napia, in Scandinavia.”Therseus treaded.
Within the blinking of an eye, a parachute, cozy and warm, landed in front of the porch. Therseus, with his long, muscular hands, ushered Hansel to an unknown land.
After a bout of ten minutes Hansel reached the land of Navia.
The land of Navia was a new joy for Hansel. The picturesque, snow-covered mountains haunted him. The abundant Nature called him. Was this an uncanny call? Who knows?”
Therseus plodded with Hansel to reach his den. About nine ‘o’ clock , the next night, Hansel would bring the magic crystal from Therseus’ den, the symbol for eternal peace.
Hansel wriggled in his bed the whole night with wrenching movements. ‘Sleep was a milestone for him, ‘he thought.
The next day passed in utter boredom and Hansel spent the whole day with full rest.
Hansel looked at the watch in his bed-stead. It was 8:45 p.m.
Fifteen minutes later, he would claim the elixir of his life.
Minutes passed as he dressed up steadily and counted for his win.
The night struck at nine and Hansel moved on. This was the journey of his life. A journey, that would mock him out of his utterly bleak life and pull him into a place full of bliss.
As Hansel plodded on, he chanted The Holy Name of The Lord.
Minutes later, he was inside the behemoth palace, a bit dark and musty, cave of Therseus.
“ Welcome my son.” Therseus welcomed Hansel with quivering eyes.
Hansel smiled gently as he lapped the sparkling, radiant crystal in his lapel coat and beheaded for his home.
Hansel bagged the magic crystal to his native home Baltimore and happiness plunged him forward thereafter.
Word count-666

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