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How far would a husband go for a wife to show that he loves her?
"I need you to help me win this election," I said to my husband, Clint. Of course it went without saying, he was the best asset a Presidential hopeful could want. "Lansing has already said she was going to run, as did Evergreen."

"Beth, darling, you have nothing to worry about. Not only will you win the nomination but you will be elected President." His faith in me meant more than anything. It meant more than him saying I love you every five minutes. Some people thought it was weird but after we said it on our wedding day, there was no need to say it again. "I'm in your corner and I'm the most popular living former President. And besides throwing my support behind you, I'll do whatever else it takes to get us back in The White House."

"Thank you." I brushed my lips across his cheek, then looked at my watch. "I have to go, I'm late for a strategy meeting."

"I have a few things to take care of too." A quick smile was exchanged and we went our separate ways. i slid into my limo and watched as Clint got into his SUV. Briefly I wondered what he was doing but then turned my attention back to my phone.

My campaign manager wanted to go negative and start hitting my opponents with past scandals and wrong doings. However uneasy ready to do that yet. It's a well known rule in politics that the first to go negative is usually the one who loses. There was no way I was going to be a two time loser.

As is often the case during meetings, I let my mind wander. This time I was coming up with strategies that would endear me to most people but create enough controversy to keep my name in the news. It dawned on me that my support of gay marriage was the perfect opportunity to energize my existing base, as well as throw my foes into a tizzy.

"We can prove unequivocally that Lansing has been cheating on her husband. Which throws her family values pitch out the window, and frees us up to win." Marc Cutio, my campaign manager said. His wide smile reminded me of the creature from 'Alien'.

"I've already told you that we are not going negative." It was great fun to watch as his grin faded away. Marc was the best campaign manager in town, mostly because nobody challenged him to prove it. That is until he asked to run my campaign. "If we go negative first, it's a bad look. What we need right now is a divisive issue that separates us. I think...."

I was cut off by an intern running into the meeting with a look that was half somber and half enthusiastic. "I'm sorry for the interruption but Governor Lansing has just been assassinated!"

A stunned silence filled the room. The room was awaiting my reaction, so that they knew what theirs should be. I brushed my blond hair back and withheld the smile that wanted to creep into my face. "We need to hold a press conference. I will extend my condolences, and promise to find whoever did this."

Once everyone went to work, I stole a glance at my phone. There was nothing from Clint but I didn't expect there to be. He was busy and we would talk about things later. As if I had made it happen with my mind, there was a rumble throughout the gathered press.

"Madam Secretary, what do you make of the latest news in the Lansing murder?" The question was shouted out by someone I couldn't see.

Before I could answer, an aide was in my ear whispering the development in my ear. "Reverend Evergreen has been arrested for the murder of Lansing. He was caught near the scene of the crime with the murder weapon."

Without another thought or a thank you to the aide, I sucked in a deep breath. "It's a tragic situation but confirms my worst fears. No more are there elections that are about debate and free exchanges of thought. Many candidates only want to win, no matter the cost. This must stop now!"

The crowd was on their feet cheering for me. I thanked them and headed for my limo. My buzzed with a text from Clint, "Home. Can't wait to see you."

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by the smell of Indian food. "Did you hear what happened?"

His smile told me all I needed to know. He guided me into the library, the one room in our house that was just for us. "It was easy, her security detail were bumbling idiots. Getting the shot off was no problem, framing Evergreen was even easier. He was already drunk, having failed at catching Lansing with another man. A little GHB and the election is yours babe."

We didn't say we loved one another, we showed it.

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