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A short story abput why not all dragons are only evil and are also kind and benevolent.
         There was once a woman named, Hersa who lived most of her life who worked very hard while everyone else around her always got to enjoy their life. Others around Hersa during most of her childhood years got to have real friends, family, a social life and everything got handed to them with little or no effort to get what they wanted. Hersa was very highly intelligent, wise and was gifted too in ways no one could ever seem to even begin to understand.

         Hersa was born as a mistake from her birth Mother having a boy do something to her pop at a party when she was only 16. It wasn't her birth Mother or Hersa's fault that she was born. Since birth, Versa has felt Ss though she is nothing more than a thing to be abanonded. Then her adoptive parents bought her. Her life was great until she turned 11 and was expected to clean the home and do chores as often as possible. Her younger brother got it easy and complained if he ever had to wash dishes for her if she got sick. He had a social life, real friends, went to prom and everything but not her. She was also born having fetal alcohol syndrome, Tourette syndrome and asbergher syndrome and was shy. She had a very hard time being in school and being normal around people due to her being born different.

         This stopped Hersa from developing in a proper way. It handicapped her social skills and behavior in general. After school she went to college after dropping out of high school from being tired of others harassing or ignoring her constantly. She earned her GED as though without any effort but was unable to ever get a job from lack of having proper social skills.

         When Hersa finally did get jobs she was constanty being betrayed, bullied and harassed by the bully of each office she worked at. This even further made her feel like she wasn't worth anything and on top of it her step family yelled at her about complaining about what she went through and her Tourette sounding off beyond her control when she got nervous.

         As an adult she suddenly got a boyfriend and her step family and rest of the family became abnormally strange toward her. Her step father allowed her to lose her job, people doctured her work and the president put the blame on her kicking her out of the company while siding with the real perpetrators.

         Now almost 40 Hersa has basically lost everything. Her respect for herself, love, feeling worthy to live, all of her money, soon her home, etc. She works harder than a slave hardly getting any sleep and no thanks to someone if not a group of thieves, her step Mother too secretely using identity theft against her due to being jealous for some unknown reason, even further choosing to destroy Hersa's life.

         Why would anyone like Hersa have such an aweful life like this? How could anyone ever be this jealous of someone, especially if the ones stealing from her are already rich and have a better life than she does? How insane is that?

         Over time, due to all of the stress Hersa keeps having to deal with, she just continued attracting men who used her as well as abused her in multiple ways, including stealing her money. "Get me some Beer." One kept telling her and paid her no rent and never paid her back while she bought it for him because she loved him. She became involved with two others after that and they were the same too. All abusive, mostly financially and emotionally. They robbed her of a lot especially her self worth. They all told her they loved her and were going to marry her but she caught them 6 months layer cheating on her, breaking her heart and making her feel worse than ever before.

         Hersa's still wondering if she'll ever truly be loved and respected and has nearly lost everything. Especially after any coworker got to know her being different. They secretly formed a mob against her at her last office job arranged by the office psychopath who started it all due to being jealous of her which is insane. Her work was betrayed and was made to look incapable of being able to properly do her work. What could she do? The coworker followed her around mocking her, and another she done this harassment with stared at Hersa all day manipulating and upsetting her constantly walking by her desk non stop. Hersa told the proper authority figures but flaked off what she told them and just sat there and let it continue to happen to her.

         Hersa continues to keep going through extreme stress in her life due to her disabilities she was born with, having constant migraines and winders if she should just sit on SSI and be deemed incapable of having the ability to function in society and no longer work?

         Hersa's lost hope in ever having a man in her life who will ever truly love and respect her, she's lost hope in ever having a child, family or a true friend. Why should she believe anything else at this point after how everyone she's ever loved and has trusted betrayed her?

         One night several years ago while Hersa came home after suffering from having a horrible migraine all day, she chatted online telling a complete stranger about her migraine. He told her to close her eyes and relax. She saw a handsome Caucasian man with short brown hair and a golden yellow, Chinese celestial dragon slowly flew by into her eyes view. She reached her spiritual hand toward the special and perfect Chinese celestial dragon and touched his warm, silky and shiny scales. She opened her eyes and her migraine was completely gone! She told the one she chatted with about it and greatly thanked him.

         Several years later, her migraine s increased though, especially due to loosing everything now. A special friend has once again chosen to help her through her roughest times. She wants to greatly thank him and wants to be his great friend and will also return her love, kindness and gratitude toward him with her other dragon friend someday too. Thank you our good friend from the bottom of our heart. We will be loyal to you forever for the rest of our life we share together.
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