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Tiger was a bravery animal.Tiger went a jungle. Tiger found a jewel box.
Tiger was a bravery animal.

Tiger wanted to be a strong Tiger!

And,Tiger thought he wanted to go a jungle.

What did jungle need anything?

Tiger flashed a good idea!

What Tiger was eqipped an arms!

Then,Tiger went to travel for a jungle!

Tiger was beated fast his heart.

But,Tiger was a highly motivated!

So,Tiger wasn't fearful.

Tiger advanced rapidy of a jungle!

Tiger felt a terrible and hardship.

Then,Tiger met a blue Tiger!

A hero Tiger was a red Tiger!

And,two Tigers were fight each other!

A blue tiger was very strong!

For a long time,two Tigers were severe fighting!

Then,a red Tiger was win!


Tiger roared big echo!

And,Tiger found a jewel box!

Tiger was a rich Tiger!

Tiger was happy forever!
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