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The truth behind a legend

You cannot always rely on history books for historical accuracies. Accounts of certain events can become exaggerated and embellished as they are passed down from one generation to another and the story of "Daisy’s Historic Jump" is a classic example.

Once upon a time when the birds drank lime and monkeys chewed tobacco, there lived a dairy cow by the name of Friesian who had three beautiful calves Maizey, Paisley and Daisy. Maizey and Paisley spent most of their time standing in fields mooing and discussing quantum physics whilst Daisy’s idea of fun was running around with the chickens and doing clever tricks for her beloved “Thena”, a non-conforming bull.

Dinglebert (Thena’s father) became frustrated at Daisy’s bad influence and ended up forbidding Thena to have any further contact with Daisy. This pleased Friesian because she had been convinced for quite some time that Thena had been just as much of a bad influence on her Daisy.

Both Daisy and Thena took the news hard ,and though they both consented to their parents’ wishes, nonetheless continued seeing each other; whenever no one was watching. Then one hot summer’s afternoon, Daisy went to visit Thena and wanted to show off some acrobatic skills, which she had learned from one of her relations.

She got Thena to lie down in the middle of the paddock and backed up until she could back no further.  She then started running as fast as her cow legs could carry her. Just before she got to Thena she leapt up as high as could manage and landed on the other side.

Unbeknown to Daisy and Thena, Paisley had been spying on them and witnessed this specticle.  Paisley raced back to the main paddock to tell Friesian and Dinglebert that both Thena and Daisy had disobeyed them. Unfortunately Paisley suffered from “Multiple-Moo-Syndrome", a nervous tic that caused her to moo excessively whenever she got over excited (similar to that of hiccups), and as she regaled Friesian of Daisy’s disobedience the following misquote occurred.

“Moo-I just saw-moo-Thena and Daisy-moo- and Daisy jumped over The-moo-na.”

Thus a terrible misunderstanding had taken place and from that day onward people all over the world were led to believe Daisy had jumped over “the moon”.
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