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This poem is in remembrance of Leonard Nimoy and how we remember his character, Spock.
Spock, An Iconic Character

Star Trek, my family's favorite show to watch,
How we loved Captain Kirk, McCoy, and Spock,
Remembering his beloved iconic Vulcan salute;
Plus, all the Star Trek 'Enterprise' different routes.

Who can forget all of Bones and Spock’s disputes?
Or keeping track of the ever-changing Star Trek suits?
In ‘The Wrath of Khan’, Spock foiled an enemy’s plan,
And saved Enterprise and Captain Kirk, his captain.

We’ll miss Leonard Nimoy, and his character, Spock,
Who sometimes wore a pure white Vulcan smock,
He breathed life in this iconic character with pointed ears,
‘Live long and prosper’ he said, throughout the years.

When Spock administered that ‘Vulcan nerve pinch,”
He executed it without feeling or nary a squint.,
Spock, he's our favorite character of all time,
Who will always live on in our hearts and minds.

“Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy”

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