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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2039627
Do words matter?
      "It's not one of Hitchcock's better films.
        Why show the murder at the beginning?
        The suspense is lost.
        The audience should be asking did they do it."

        Jeff Falkner lectured to his film students and could see
        many of the seats were empty. Most students wanted a
        diploma that could earn them a living.
        Film majors were as golden as a lottery ticket.

        "Yeah. Why did their teacher reject them?"
        A student replied.

        "Because he's a pussy." Lucifer answered.
        The class broke out into laughter. She had disguised
        herself as a Japanese girl: Tesina Beshio.
        "Do you approve of murder ; Miss Beshio?" the professor queried.
        "I call it natural selection. .. Kill one man your a murder.
        Kill thousands your a conquer." Lucifer smirked.

        "So Hitler had the right idea?" Falkner pressed on.
        "All nations are built on genocide. Pick one and kill for it."
        Lucifer's answer startled the class out of its stuper.
        "How can you say that? Do you want people to kill each other?"
        another student spoke up.
        "Let the strongest survive." Lucifer gave a toothy smile.
        "Well, then, you advocate anarchy ; Miss Beshio?" the professor egged on
        the debate. "It is my culture to worship the sword." she answered and continued
        "But, there are no Emperors or Kings anymore .. There is only entertainment
        and casual sex. So, why not kill for fun?"
        "I hope your not planning to kill any inferior people?" Prof. Falkner smiled.
        "What makes you think I have not already?" the petite Japanese girl returned the smile.
        There was a chilling silence in the classroom.

        ^ 6

                                                              Chapter 2
                                                    What can we do to you?

          Dana Perino had shamelessly promoted her best seller, "Hitler's Secretary."
          She was an unabashed lese fare capitalist and had proudly served in
          the Bush administration that had cost the lives of 4 thousand American soldiers
          and 200,000 thousand Iraqi civilians . No weapons of mass destruction were found
          and the high-jackers of 9/11 were all Saudi. Mrs. Perino had served Lucifer well.
          Clearly, the next war would require the draft and mandatory enlistment of lower
          income teens. Why should high crime districts and riots be tolerated?

          "I do enjoy the Midwest tacos." Lucifer remarked as she swallowed a sparrow.
          Dana gulped her bottled water and gave a toothy smile, "That's a Mocking Bird."
          "Hmm?" Lucifer looked at the cover of the New Republic. There was a photo of
          her candidate ... "Yummy." she smirked. "Do you really have to blow up the
          United Nations?" Dana sunk into her plush French chair. Lucifer spread her arms
          out wide, "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
                          Pearl harbor brought the United States into a World War and
                          this will thrust the world into a new age of warfare.
                          There are no borders only killing fields for the elite predators."
          "Jesus" Dana shuddered and gulped her water. "Republicans are such hypocrites.
          You want to be free of social welfare, but you can't face the oppression of the poor.
          You say your pro-life, but who will pay for the bastards upbringing? What better way
          to reduce the surplus population than through war? Put the poor to work in privately
          owned prisons and send their children to war .. The cities will be glittering with gold
          and adamandtite towers." Lucifer sipped a cup of lemonade and gin.

          Reflections: Can anyone live a life without sin?
                              Why should we be punished for Adam's sin?
                              It would be better not to be born into a wicked world.+

                                                          Chapter 3

          Jesus is the immortal son of God. But, have you ever wondered what became of
          him after he ascended into Heaven in a cloud? Did he pass into another dimension?
          Perhaps, he time traveled to the End Times. Nothing is impossible for God.
          I have believed in a higher power, but I do not know if it is intelligent. Chaos can
          create order by the force of structure. Maybe, Jesus was a myth, created by Jews
          out of their desperation .. They needed a Savior, who could not be defeated by
          chaos. Nevertheless, Jesus stood before Lucifer at a Star Bucks .....

          "You must allow these mortals to evolve their own divinity." Jesus said as he sipped
          cappuccino.  Lucifer was a stunning lady in a red leather dress with lace tights.
          "You failed them. They care only about themselves; a never ending caravan of fools.
          If the Origin disapproved, he would stop me."
          She ran her serpentine tongue along the rim of her coffee cup and lifted her left steleto
          up along Jesus' right leg. Jesus smiled as a spark drove her foot back.
          "Good can come from evil, only if good people are vigilant." Jesus replied.
          He was a handsome Levi of dark complexion with thick wavy black hair and beard.
          They were speaking an ancient Palestinian dialect.

          "Speak English! This is America!" a nearby patron shouted.
          Lucifer laughed. Jesus answered, "I thought America was a place for many cultures?"
          "I'm recording you." the angry pale man growled and took a picture of Lucifer and Jesus
          with his cell phone. Lucifer was disguised as a Macedonian lady of olive complexion.
          Her green eyes glistened upon the angry man, who moved to another table.
          The red haired man was clearly shaken by her gaze. "They are so easily manipulated."
          Lucifer continued in ancient Greek. "Not always. That is your weakness. You cannot
          see their resilience." Jesus replied in Sumerian. This displeased her and a storm rose
          with lightning claps. Jesus smiled, "Do you judge God? He who made the lion and the
          lamb?" She finished her coffee and left a roman denarius as a tip.
          The two went their separate ways into the down pour.


                                                        Chapter 5
                                                  It's a dirty old Town

          Muzzy stood at the Red Box flipping through the movies.
          So, many of them were angry films. I guess art imitates life.
          Muzzy pressed on for a funny movie. Big Eyes looked funny.
          Two old color men waited patiently. "You find your movie?"
          One of them queried. Muzzy smiled, "Nope. My movie is still
          in production." Muzzy took "Big Eyes." The old colored men
          smiled back at him.

          Muzzy drove away in his van and flipped a CD of The Progues'
          "It's a Dirty Old Town." Muzzy grew up on Irish Folk Songs~

                              "I met my love by
                              the gas works wall.

                              Dreamed a dream
                              by the old canal.

                              I kissed my girl
                              by the factory wall.

                              It's a dirty old town.
                              It's a dirty old town.
                              It's a dirty old town."

              The music played...

              "Paper Clip." Muzzy muttered as his Ukrainian girl friend ate a pear
              and stroked him. "Whav?" she replied and pealed the USD label off her
              pear. .. "The FBI had a plan to shoot Americans in the subways and street
              to a create popular propaganda for a war with Cuba. "Sounze like KGB."
              Elana ate the rest of her pear and tossed it out the window of the van.
              Muzzy smiled and listened to the rest of the song.

                              "I heard a siren
                                from the docks.

                                Saw a train
                                set the night on fire.

                                I smelled the spring
                                in the smoky wind.

                                It's a dirty old town.
                                It's a dirty old town."

              Muzzy squirted on Elana's face and thought about God.

              + + +
              4 4 4
                                                      Chapter 6
                                                  Why? Why not?

              The United Nations had collapsed into its foot print.
              Some terrorist had driven five vans into the garage underneath
              and detonated them. "How could they have gotten pass the security?"
              Michael Cain remarked on the Jimmy Kimmel show; "I think this country
              is bloody buggers." Constance giggled as her master flipped with the channels.
              "Who the Hell cares, what Michael Cain thinks?" he remarked.

              Constance sat up from the bed, "Well, this is a tipping point. Right?"
              "Of course. I can't imagine how there can be world peace when the United Nation
              is demolished." That was their plan. The world would be in chaos and they would
              make a king's fortune. Constance was fully reptilian and naked on her silk sheets.
              She had used the harmonic knowledge of the Anunnaki to shatter the United Nation,
              like a wine glass can be shattered by an opera singer.

              Her master remembered the Civil War and how he made his fortune on the
              stolen wealth of southern plantations. There would be no government to stop them.
              "Why does God allow it?" Constance asked.
              "Perhaps God enjoys our suffering?" Hemsley replied.
              "But, we prosper from our cruelty." Constance gave a wicked smile.
              "We must be careful not to offend Lucifer. She is always listening.+" Hemsley shook
              his finger at Constance .. "Shhhh."

              Patrick walked through downtown Portsmouth. He enjoyed his summer walks
              and the ladies were delightful. He wondered if he would ever be activated again.
              His life seemed so pointless now. His cell phone rang. He had received a text ..
              A celebrity had asked if they could have a reading. Perhaps, Lucifer was interested
              in this note worthy? How fickle popular opinion is. Patrick got the address and a
              phone number. No one got to be this famous without Lucifer's permission.
              He would have to be at his best. Maybe, Lucifer would reward him?

              10 x 10
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