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by jamie
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Looking for feedback on personal statement I'm hoping to use to apply for nursing school.
â          If I would have been asked as a child what career I wanted to pursue, a nurse would have not been my first choice. I was very interested in art â I loved photography and even worked on a significant part of my schoolâs yearbook for 2 years, eventually being offered an editor-in-chief position. Excellent in communication and graphic design, I thought I had a steady life plan figured out with high hopes to finish high school, travel, and make major decisions later. Life threw me a curveball, however, and at the age of 16, I became pregnant with my daughter. Little did I know, my pregnancy was the gateway that slowly introduced me to my newfound love of science.
As time went on, I disconnected with many people I had grown close to, eventually feeling very alone. This time by myself gave me the opportunity to reflect on who I truly was, and what I wanted to be, swearing to build my new life on who I was and what I wanted to become. I became fascinated in learning about myself and what was happening to my body, always asking as many questions as I could to my doctor. When my daughter was born, it was one of the most beautiful, emotional, and eye-opening experiences of my life. Not only did I significantly mature, I felt a new sense of purpose that I had never known before, along with unconditional love. Raising her through the first year of her life showed me how to be patient, loving, poised, and a proper role model. I saw then that I wanted to be an inspiration, and seek out my greatest potential.
     A few months after her birth, my uncle became very ill and needed a new kidney. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with liver cancer, causing his other kidney to go into failure, and passed away. This was a major turning point in my life that led to my final decision to become a nurse. If there was any way that I was going to help another person while at the same time fulfilling what I want to be, this would be it.
         Despite having numerous high and low points within a given period, time can work its way to steady everything out again. My current education at Northampton Community College has also been what is keeping me readily positioned throughout. It helps me remain concentrated and motivated, allowing me to always keep a level head and a steady mindset.
   If accepted to your institution, I will continue to express my passion for science and achieve my goal of earning a BSN, using the knowledge I gain to care for others to the best of my ability. I will remain driven, dedicated, and determined to earn my place as a well-qualified nurse who not only possesses the knowledge, but the kindness and compassion that a patient will need from me.Â

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