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story about an infant who went to visit grandpa before going to heaven
Nevaeh Snow Cochran

“”Why are you here with your beautiful sky- blue eyes and red hair?” God asked.

“I’m not here by my choosing, Lord. I’ve got so much to do on earth-a lifetime. I have a great-grandmother I’ve never seen who loves me so much. I have identical blue eyes. She’s not in good health, Lord. Did You know my name is heaven spelled backwards?” replied Nevaeh.

God smiled, “Yes, dear little snow. I know everything. I know you wonder how you can talk to Me and you are just a wee little babe. The mysteries of the world are not revealed until the end. It’s a secret we can share. You see My Son loves the little children just like the song: red and yellow, black and white they are precious in My site.” Take my hand, little Snow and I will introduce you to your Great Grandfather, Buster who loves you very much.”

“Can I see him? My grandmother, Shelia talks of him often. She loves him so much.”

“Yes, come with me, ” God said as He reached for her teeny hand.

Nevaeh took God’s hand and followed Him down a long road as white as her snowy fair skin, her big blue eyes curious to what she would see. She wondered why she felt no pain in her body but her mind cried for her young Mother she favored so much. Snow looked down from her body and saw Adrian resting across the bottom of her bed, resting her tired mind, praying for God to do something—a miracle or to allow her at rest.

Snow looked up and there was her grandfather with open arms. “Come to me little Nevaeh Snow and sit on grandpa’s lap. God has let me watch from above to see your birth and to be your guardian angel during this time. His plans we don’t know but my love for you is enteral just like heaven. Let me look at you. My, my, you look like my little girl, Shelia. You are indeed beautiful and so much Armstrong blood in you. Have you seen the love of my life, Del, your precious grandmother, I love so much?”

“Not yet, grandpa but Mama talks about her and how much I would love her once we meet. The problem is I don’t think I have much time on Earth. Maybe God needs me as an angel to take care of my family on earth.”

“Oh, Snow, you are so wise. Your spirit wants to stay here but your Earthly body wants to remain with your Mama. Adrian was the light of my life on earth and I guard her. I will never leave my family. I’m awaiting my true love, Del and she would want you to be with me and not suffer. Everyone will understand if you want to stay in heaven with Grandpa. God knows best.”

“Grandpa, I love you so much. I will tell Mama that I visited with you. I’m glad God introduced me to you. I have to go back and stay at the hospital until God calls me home. Please wait for me, Grandpa, for I don’t want to be alone. I want to be in heaven with you but my mama is grieving.”

“Grandpa understands, little Snow. It’s hard to leave your loved ones as it was for me. I will wait for you on the other side. I’ll hold you tight so you won’t be frightened. Follow me and I’ll show you the promise land. We will look down upon our family below and be with them until we all meet again. In the meantime, remember you’ve met grandpa and I love you very much. Don’t be frightened. Go back now and calm your Mama she will feel God’s spirit flow though her and then will she be at peace to let you go.”

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