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I hate animal abuse. What is wrong with people?
I am writing this for the Gravy Lovers Group. I don't write debate or political issues but I am going to speak up for abused animals. I hate seeing pictures of abused animals. I cry when I see a kitten with a bandage or cast on his leg. Why do people abuse animals? If you don't like your pet, give him or her to someone who will love and want them and treat them nice. Take the animal to an animal shelter where it will have a chance for a good life.

Animal abuse is cruel. God wants men and animals to get along. Dogs and cats are our friends. We need to treat them like our friends. If you come across a dog or cat who is mean, make the animal an outside animal and just feed it. If it is an animal that attacks you, call the humane society and they will come out and get the animal. Dogs and cats want love. So do tame ferrets, birds and any wild animal who has been befriended by man.

A dog doesn't need to spend his life on a chain or in a cage. Neither does a cat. Dog fights? This is cruel. Humans that abuse animals don't want to be treated this way so why treat them this way? The same with bull fights and cock fights. Don't you have any compassion? If I could, I would save all the animals from abuse. I have given money before to animal shelters and I give some to the local humane societies. I have fed cats and dogs whose owners neglected them. Anyone who starves an animal, I would like to see this person starve. You can't afford to feed your pet? Would you starve a child? No. You can cut back on something in order to fed your pet or find the pet a nice home. There is no excuse for animal abuse. I am not an expert on writing these kind of things but I am sure you get my message. Please, let's put an end to animal abuse. Hunting deer and ducks. ONLY IF YOU REALLY NEED THEM FOR FOOD. Hunting for sport? Do we hunt humans for sport? NO! Respect the animals. I could go on and on about this. The camera man taking videos of abused animals? Hey! Put down the camera! Help the animals. Feed them. Show them some love. Animal rescuers have my love and respect. They care and so do I. Let's end animal abuse. The world has enough problems. Let's try to love and care for our animal FRIENDS AS WELL AS EACH OTHER. I am very passionate and serious about this. I hope you feel the same way. One last thing. Don't get the alligators stirred up.Let them be at peace in the swamp and don't camp where grizzlies live. Wild animals have to have a place to live. Let them live as God intended. Elephants, tigers and bears ARE NOT for amusement at circuses or other events. Don't make these animals be slaves to amusement, be beaten and abused. What the h--- is wrong people who do this? Would you want chains in your nose or wrapped around with your legs? God isn't happy with people who abuse any animals. I have no compassion or respect for animal abusers. I want to slap you. Give them some respect. Let's love animals and one another. Thank you.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2040153