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Why AJ Miller is important to my life?

AJ Miller

One of the most prominent men in my life has been AJ Miller. There has been a change within the world in spirituality where the church is seen as having flaws or too many unanswered questions and many have explored for new spiritual paths in many ways. I have been on a personal journey searching for truth about spirituality which is also the way of the universe and the laws it contains within it. I have had many unexplainable events happen in my life which have no explanation.

When I came across the information I approached it as I did with anything new, strange or interesting; I researched all I could about it then put the teaching information into practice. There is some information about AJ Miller's life which many believe to be unquestionable and these things have nothing to with the message. He teaches how releasing childhood traumas can change our life to learn more about love which can lead to learning more about God. I have, personally, released some of my emotions which have also had a physical change in my body. Damage that I have had for about 26 years has started healing as I have gone through this process.

There are many things that were such a mystery such as why did I have migraines for most of my teenage years and they stopped as soon as I moved out on my own. I had lots of problems with men in relationships and I also had problems with making women friends. As I went through the process through each issue I was able to feel the emotions which takes a bit of time to process through. I used to have my life fall apart on me every three or four months and that does not happen anymore, things are still not perfect, they are just not to the extreme as they once were.

I had lots of anger and confusion about God because of the way the world is with so much damage within it and I have been able to start seeing that some of my beliefs were flawed in truth because the truth does not hold confusion. I started to learn about the laws of the universe and how some of them work which is amazing to see happen in my life. I am much happier than I have been before. Earlier in my life I was living in so much damage that lots of things did not make sense which now are seen much more clearer.

AJ Miller has presented this information on YouTube, which is where I have seen it, I have not travelled to Australia where he is about to learn from like some others have. It is not necessary to do that because anyone can experiment with the information themselves and see the truth within it if they choose to see it. I am very grateful for the truth which has been revealed to the world which we are free to take within our lives and improve the way we live, the environment around us, and grow in love. This is an extraordinary gift given to anyone who wants it.

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