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Memories made in the fields of summer
The sun beating down on the back of Richard's back caused the beads of sweat to trickle to his waist, disappearing into his jeans. Taking a break he looked up and saw the endless wheat fields that swayed in the heated wind of summer. Richard grabbed his water bottle and poured it over his face, leaving just enough to take a long drink. He had no idea that the woman he had been working for was watching him from her bedroom window.

She saw a strong hard working younger man. A man that her body longed for. Being a widow for so long and living in the middle of no where, left a woman hungry for the touch of a lover. Rebecca couldn't recall the last time she felt good about herself. Her life became a daily survival and struggle since her husband passed away. Yet this summer since hiring Richard she felt a spark again, and it seemed she couldn't put it out on her own. It was the actual touch of another she yearned for.
Richard was younger, much younger, but he didn't seem young. He was smart, level headed and held a charisma that men her own age don't have. She was sure Richard didn't even know he had such a charming personality.

Each day that passed with small conversations in between, they soon started to know one another on a more intimate basis. Rebecca would flirt with a touch or standing too close, being sure she left a sweet smell of lilac powder behind her.

It was getting to the point that Richard found himself thinking of Rebecca, and looking for her in the window while he worked. It had to be wrong to feel this way. He was too young and she was tired, life had different courses for each of them, but it didn't take away the closeness he felt when he was near her.

On a night that the moon was full, Richard sat on the porch soaking in the sounds of a summer night. The sound of the screen porch door caught his attention, and as he turned to look, Rebecca stepped out but she was different than most days.
Her hair was curled and pinned up, she wore a dress that showed her figure. A figure he wasn't aware of in all the time he has known her. She held a smile on her face that sent a glow in her cheeks. She sat on the steps at Richards feet.

“Beautiful night, isn't it? I can't tell you how many times I sat out here alone watching the stars and wondering if we all see the same thing, no matter where we are.”

“I am sure we all do, but being out here it sure feels like it is meant just for us.”

It sure does.” Rebecca turned to Richard, “Would it be wrong to ask you to dance with me?”

“No, I don't think it's wrong, but we have no music.”

Nobody needs music to dance.”

Richard wasn't so sure, but he went with it. Rebecca held a sparkle in her eyes and who was he to deny her that.

Rebecca stood up as did Richard, he placed his hand around her waist taking her other hand in his and pulled her in close to him. They danced under the stars in a slow passionate waltz.

Rebecca whispered in his ear, “Can I ask you something?”


“Can I kiss you?”

Richard was nervous but he wanted to, so badly. Their eyes locked as they slowly allowed their mouths to meet. His heart pounded like never before. This is a woman with a hunger and desire for a man.

His hands roamed along her breasts through her dress, while she massaged his shoulders and lightly grazed his neck. Her mouth lingered around his mouth, towards his ear sending shivers down his spine.

“Rebecca, I have to tell you that I don't have much experience in this department. Hell I don't have any to be honest.”

“It's okay Richard, if you don't want to, but I would love to be that first if you let me.”

He didn't answer, he allowed her words to be the green light. He went with it. He laid her down on the cushions that were in the garden, removed her dress kissing her skin until she lay naked. Rebecca undid his pants and tenderly pulled him on top of her. There gasps of desire and wincing of passion. Between the two of them, they sounded like animals in the fields.

Rebecca showed him things he would never have known without her. Richard gave her everything her body had been yearning for so long.

They exhausted themselves with love making, toying with each others wants and needs. The summer wasn't over and the rest of it was history in the making. Memories for Richard that he could never replace. A single summer job that changed his life and heart. Nobody would ever be able to bring him to that place again. Rebecca's smile and touch were profound, evoking his boyish needs and setting the bar for anyone coming into his life afterwards.

word count 866
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