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A twelve year old girl is adorned with a pink ribbon to signify her eligibility
Day 1
One of the most basic methods of communication is through colour.Â
In the western cultures of Earth red is generally a warning colour. It demands attention and advises caution. It says âthere is danger here, so wake up!â. Other colours have other meanings and each culture applies different meanings to colours. Black too is the colour of death, but itâs also the colour of sin and the colour of service or function.Â
Write a scene in which the/a meaning of the colour pink features.
For example, if pink is a wedding colour, write about a wedding. If itâs the colour of shame, write a scene in which a character is âpinkedâ.Â

Things to consider...

Is this colour being used as part of a ritual or ceremony, or is it used to flag something? what idea or feeling does it represent?
Has language been affected by the meaning of pink? We have the phrases âblack as sinâ, âgreen lightâ, and âfeeling blueâ.
Is there a colour which has a meaning opposed to or linked to pinkâs?

Pink Ribbon Birthday

Gwen sat on a stool in front of her dressing table staring into her mirror. Her mother Morgan ran a horse hair brush through the long red and gold curls, which spilled down her back and over her shoulders. It was Gwen's twelfth birthday, and Morgan was preparing to adorn her hair with the pink ribbon, which would mark her eligible for courtship.

Morgan made the ribbon for herself during her eleventh year, and handed it to Gwen the day after her eleventh birthday saying, "Now you must make this your own."

When Gwen received the ribbon from Morgan it was a plain silk ribbon with lace trim around the edges. Over the past year Gwen embroidered it with darker pink roses, green leave, and thorns. The ribbon was stretched out across the table, and the ends hung down to the bottom set of drawers.

"I am ready for the ribbon now," Morgan announced.

Gwen lifted the soft length of pink silk and handed it to her. Morgan used the brush to gather Gwen's hair, and twisted it into a long intricate braid. She wove the ribbon into the braid and tied the ends into a bow at the bottom.

"Oh mother, it is beautiful," Gwen swooned. "I cannot wait to show it off."

"I am glad you like it," Morgan smiled. "You worked very diligently on it all year."

"How long can I wear it?" Gwen asked.

"Until a man proposes to you," Morgan answered. "Though you will have to take it out occasionally to wash your hair. I will be able to put it back in afterward."

"Will I wear another ribbon once I am engaged?" Gwen asked.

"You will wear a ribbon of your own choosing," Morgan answered. "Preferably a color which represents your future husband; such as his favorite color or if he is a noble the color of his house."

"So, if I were to marry Matrim my ribbon would be blue," Gwen surmised.

Morgan took a moment to think before she answered. She did her best to discourage her daughter's infatuation with the crowned prince of Trellion, but it was difficult when they lived in the palace, and spent every waking moment together. Morgan served King Jarrod's Royal Magus, and as her daughter Gwen would succeed her in that vein. Trellion law prevented mages from achieving a position of royalty. If Matrim and Gwen were to marry their child would not be eligible to claim the thrown after Matrim's death or abdication. In the end Morgan decided not to ruin Gwen's special day with legalities.

"If you married Taurus your ribbon could be black and purple to match his hair," Morgan smiled, "or yellow to represent his father's house."

"Or a different shade of blue to represent his mother, the Grand Enchanter of the Trellion Tower of Magi," Gwen added. "Or maybe I could do a combination of all three!"

"That would be quite a ribbon," her father announced.

They looked to see him standing in the door way of Gwen's bed chamber. Alistair, the Master of Arms and Horses, moved to his daughter's side. He traced his finger down the ribbon entwined in her burnished gold hair, which matched his own.

"You look beautiful my darling," Alistair sighed, "You are growing up so fast."

"Thank you papa." Gwen smiled up at him.

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