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Every avid listeners letter to music
Dear Music,

You know when I am alone and weak and vulnerable don't you? You know. You know that I sometimes need someone with a beautiful voice to wrap me in melody and words that completely apply to my situation....or words that I try to make match my situation to some degree. And you also know when I am all ready to move my hips in a 360 degree motion that will entice no one. That's when there is suddenly smooth rhythm and fast beats. And as the song goes on, I suddenly work off all the cheese popcorn I ate three hours before while binge watching Friends. Is that too much information? Maybe. But what is really weird is when you know it is 4:37 in the morning and I suddenly have this need to clean my room and jump around like a lemur on Monster because I haven't slept in over 24 hours. That's when there is music from 2002 that I haven't heard in months and reminds me of late jumping dance parties. That is when I start to dance like there is a rash on my ass I can't quite scratch so I just move my body in every way imaginable in order to perhaps distract myself from the intense need to itch itch itch itch. So maybe instead, I should start this letter a different way.

Dear Stalker,

Yours, Avid Listener
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