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Love is Eternal

As I sit with care on this swaying limb, in a majestic ancient tree,
I think of you and the wonderful joy, your life has brought to me.

When first we met in that fateful glance, my heart began to flutter,
a second look was all it took, and my thoughts began to shudder.

I was filled with joy, and swept away by the beauty of your smile,
with a yearning hope and burning need, to touch you for a while.

When I looked into your eyes, a reflection did I see,
for in that glance I suddenly knew, a future meant to be.

When we were wed and became as one, that future we did bind,
for in our hearts and in our soul, such love was hard to find.

Each day I think and look at you, my pride begins to spread,
my every hope and dream I see, in each tear of joy you shed.

My love for you has grown beyond, a simple need you see,
for now I know that I love you, much more than I love me.

When I wipe away your gentle tears, and hold you close and tight,
I think of all the love we shared, each long and blissful night.

Without your faith and gentle charms, my life would surely end,
you are my life, my one true love, and my very dearest friend.

I have stood with you throughout the years, no death will set us free,
for you are my life, and our special love will last eternally.

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