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A story to share .
A story to share .
#2041033 by Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless
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A story to share .
#2041033 by Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless
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On Wednesday 28TMy Book Launch ,

I had book launch, it was my daughter who first suggested that I bring my books to the attention of the people in our town Corby in Northamptonshire England, and I decided to let her set it up.The organising of the event was quite exciting, and I enjoyed the challenge. I made the flayers for the invitations, and deciding what food to provide. My daughter had to remind me it was not a party, and we settled for nibbles, and a glass of wine, such as cheesy biscuits and twiglets, and nuts .

The Cube is a large building that has lots of venues including our library and this was where the launching of my book Honey Dew took place. I arrived and a few of the guests had already arrived, and Roseanne was glad to see me, because most of them were my colleagues who I worked with before I retired and she was trying to entertain them.
'where have you been?'
'You told me not to come until this time.' I replied
'Well everyone was arriving, and I had to keep saying my mum will be here.'
I guess she was now nervous, and so was I until I saw my local writing group arriving. I had delegated Kath to read my poems .

I mingled amongst my family and friends and I wore a royal blue top with long chiffon sleeves, and black trousers, and everybody remarked how glamorous I looked, and although I say it myself I was confident. I had photo's taken with my friends and family especially my granddaughters.

I had around thirty guests and I sold twenty nine books and I gave the writing group a free copy to each member. The night of the event will always be a night to remember.
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