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From Mary we learn to surrender to God's Will in all things and to trust God.
Mary--- Mother of God:
If you have to see to believe then you are not putting all your senses into full gear. Man is a thinking creature, a special being with intellect of the highest order. I believe in God---The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the God who came in the manifestation as the Son, Jesus Christ and because of His love for us all, by His Grace we are saved.

Some writers and theologians say that the Virgin Mary enjoys a kind of free pass to heaven mainly because of the Immaculate Conception being the Mother of God. But I say this was in ‘the plan’. Father God had it all worked out.
According to Holly Brubach [The New York Times Style Magazine (Dec. 5, 2010, pp 128-130)] Christian theologians Tertullian wrote of the Resurrection, “It is certain because it is impossible”. I would say it is certain because it is of God. God is all powerful, ever-present and can do all things. I am worried about Brubach’s contentious question which refers to Mary the Mother of God as I quote, “How did a mere human get promoted to the realm of divinity …?” My answer to Brubach would be: without any uncertainty Father God chose and blessed Mary. We may contend that Mary’s acquiescence is cherished as a pillar of ideal womanhood. She is perfect, pure and an archetype of the Great Mother.

The world sinned against the Almighty God so He had to come Himself in the manifestation of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The perfect medium had to be chosen so Mary was the right Vessel. Lucifer the Defector propagates sin, so Jesus came and died for our sins that we can once more make it right with our Creator. Thank God for the reconciliation! Think of it this way, Mary came to compensate for the sin that Eve allowed to spread loose on the world. Probably too much fury is unleashed against Adam and Eve but many are still convinced that woman has the weapon – all powerful charms plus the great power of seduction that overwhelms man’s capacity to resist.
In short this is really what happened: Eve messed up so Mary came. Adam messed up so Jesus came. …(Teachzz, 04/2011)
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