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by Josh
Rated: E · Short Story · Friendship · #2041090
About two best friends who have lost two expensive tickets for the concert of their life.
The Lost Ticket
By Joshua A. Apolonio

"Trina! Have you seen our ticket? I can't find it here. I looked for it since I woke up 4 hours earlier. It's already 7am and I still can't find it."

"No, Sandy. My goodness! Did you lose it? Don't tell me you lost it!"

"I don't know. You gave it to me last night at the restaurant, right? I think I put in my pocket together with the fortune cookie. Well, I'm not sure sis. Can you please just help me find it?"

"Well, we both know that tonight's concert is the biggest concert of the year! And aside from it, that's too expensive! I can't miss this."

"Yeah, yeah. I know. You don't have to tell me that."

The girls looked for the ticket. They looked starting from the kitchen to the living room and from the bedrooms to the comfort rooms and bathrooms. Sandy looked for the jeans that she wore last night everywhere, but she was not able to see it. She then remembered and realized that the short she wore were worn out when they went last night to Randy's place and borrowed a new short because her jeans were wet because of the juice spilled to her by Francis in the restaurant.

Then, they have gone to Randy's house. When they have gone there, they knocked in the wooden door of their house and shouted Randy's name.

"Randy, are you there?" said the two girls.

"Who is it?" and the closed gate opened.

"Oh. Excuse me, sir. Where's Randy?" said Trina.

"He's inside. Would you like to come in, girls?"

"Actually sir, this won't take long. I just have to get my jeans."

"So, you're Sandy? Randy and I were talking about you last night when we saw your jeans. Well, you might take too long because Randy is still asleep. But I think your short was already put in the laundry basket."

"Can we come inside?"

"Why, of course, you can, but you don't have any purpose for coming here anymore because the basket's gone. We've brought it to the laundry shop. But for sure, your short is on the top part of the basket. You may see immediately."

"Goodness. Thank you so much, sir!"

Trina and Sandy went to the only laundry shop in their hometown. They have cost hundreds for the tricycle fare because it'll be a big hassle if they just walk or even run. Even the mile between Randy's house and the laundry shop was so far that had made the reason of having an expensive cost. When they reached their destination, here is what happened.

"Sandy, which basket here do you think is the one?"

"Randy's dad said it's the blue one."

"There are three blue baskets here. So, which do you think is it? It's packed on the top."

"Can we request the server? I'll go check and ask him.. Kuya?"

"Yes, madam?"

"Can we go check these blue baskets? I just have to get my thing. Do you know Randy? He's my friend. Randy Sandoval. His father authorized me to open his basket and get my short back."

"Oh yes, madam. I know them, but maybe you can have it later after washing it, madam."

"Randy's dad said it's on a blue basket. There are three baskets here, Kuya. Which one is Mr. Sandoval's?" said Sandy.

"Actually madam, we have four blue baskets here and Mr. Sandoval's clothes are already inside the machine."

"What?!" shockingly said by Trina.

"Yes, madam. Is there any problem?"

"No thank you, Kuya."

The girls went home disappointed. They can't bring the tickets back because probably it has already torn down by the water. Even though the ticket has not been torn down, the print of the ticket must have been faded already by water. Trina then can't blame Sandy for being so lunatic. They are the best of friends, anyway. She can't blame her best friend! But still, the two of them, especially Trina regrets the loss of the tickets. The tickets cost 3000 pesos each. What a big cost and loss of money! What they had left was their money for their food that is supposedly food inside the Arena. After an exhausting day, they went to a fast food and had some pizza.

"This is all your fault, Sandy. Frankly saying, it is really all your fault."

"Why me? You know that I'm not good at keeping the money. Why did you give it to me?"

"Because I trust you. Now the tickets are gone, we cannot see them anymore. Did you know that this will be the first and last time that we will be seeing them again?"

"That's alright. They're not my favorite, anyway."

"What? I thought you said you also liked them! That's why I treated you last week. Oh my gosh! I lost the half of my salary! Haven't you noticed that?"

"Thanks for the effort, friend. Well, I did not tell you to buy me that. So, we both have our own fault. We both had our own flaw. Well anyway, we don't have the time to point fingers."

"It's just that, you know Sandy, it's so important to me."

"Well, I truly apologize for that, friend. I'll try to pay it back."

"No. You don't have to. You have your point."

"Thanks, friend."

But suddenly, a group of cute and hot guys passed by behind Trina. It's the heartthrob they are waiting for. The Superman Five, walking in the paths of Manila which is near the pizza store where they are eating.

"Look Trina. The boys behind you impersonated S5. They look really much the same. Fans really do make the effort just to make their idols happy."

Trina just smiled and just disregarded what happened because of so much disappointment.

"Trina. I don't think this is impersonation. They really are the S5! Everybody outside ran for an autograph!"

Trina glanced but then her glance was turned best and stared and said "Wow!"

"Sandy! It's a good thing I have my pen and notebook here! Oh, my goodness!"

Sandy ran outside because of excitement and went to Superman Five for an autograph. She can't believe that her No. 1 Group Boy band is with her and she can see them face to face. She also can't believe that she was able to touch Andrei Guevarra, the lead singer of the band. The girls were happy because even though they don't have the ticket anymore, destiny has still become good to them because they were able to meet their dream fantasy.

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