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by Saim
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Are we not too busy in our lives that we have forgot to care about others?
When we look around ourselves we find that everyone is rushing to do their jobs and duties and to lead a more comfortable life with the money earned, they are trying and trying hard. A child watches his father from morning till evening and the father watches her wife doing the household work from day to night. A mother watches her son studying from evening till late night. In short we are all drastically involved in our lives.
It is very important to earn and equally important to socialize. Now for teens like me and many others to socialize mean to be busy on facebook, twitter and other social networking sites but it is not. When we listen of someone's pain we just post comments showing sympathy but how much actually we mean it we know ourselves.
Socialization is a quality which requires co-ordination, kindness and helpful nature towards our companions. Sitting in our homes will not make us social. We will have to learn to walk out of our house. We will have to hold, touch and feel our dear ones. Mere talks have made us passive. Now, the need is to see live action rather than video calls; it is time to feel the real agony of our friends by standing between them and their worries. We will have to act and get out from this circle of drawing room talks and clumsy acts. Today the agents of evil are rising just because of their acts. To stop them we will have to move out of our homes. We will have to pop out our head from our own world and should give time to our fellow human friends. This will make us a better human. Time is precious but it does not mean that it has to be spent just in one's own development because wise and noble men always helped others and were used to live a social life.
My dear friends, it is not always important to be popular but to be helpful because when you do well to yourself you do what you like but when you do some good to others you do what God likes and for what you have been sent.
Learn to waste a tiny bit of time with your lovers. Believe me it would not harm you or your future; it will just make you happy because life was not given to be spent within the four walls of house.

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