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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2041200
Natasha plans a surprise which has emotional results

Word Count: 868

Fatal Attraction

Natasha checks the last text message from Corey, saying, ‘I will be home in one day. Cya then. Love you :)’ Corey has been gone for two weeks on a fishing trip with his high school buddy Mike. The separation has been difficult since this is the first time they have spent any large amount of time apart since they started dating six months ago. Using her key to gain access to Corey’s apartment she puts her sexy plan into action.

Walking into the bedroom, she dumps the contents of the bag she brought with her on the bed, picking up the rose scented candles and smells the scent of them while imagining making love to the man she loves. Placing them on the dresser and night table, she then picks up her latest purchase of lingerie. Taking off her clothes and throwing them into a pile in the bathroom, she walks over to the length size mirror on the closet door looking at how the outfit clings to her body in a way that even makes her hot thinking about how Corey will love this surprise.

Natasha walks over to the bed, picking up the bag of rose petals she walks to the front door, leaving a love trail for Corey to follow to her, in a path to his bed where she will be waiting for him.

Two hours have gone by since she has set the surprise up and she wonders what is keeping him. Does he not want to see her as much as she wants to see him? From this time away from Corey she has realized that this is the man she wants to be with and she cannot wait for him to return to her. Her phone rings, interrupting her thoughts and she recognizes the number with a sinking feeling in her stomach, she pushes the call button to answer the phone, “Hello, darling.”

“Nat, I am sorry for calling you this late. There is something that I need to tell you. I feel we need to take a break. The reason I went fishing in the first place was to do some soul searching about us and where I feel we are headed. I didn’t tell you about this before because I did not know how to tell you. Things between us have been going too fast for me and I need to slow down for a bit. I want my key back to my apartment, do not worry about dropping it off I will come and get it from you.”

Natalie was so shocked at the words she was hearing that she could not say a word. “Nat, say something.”

“I...I...I...am shocked.”

“Nat you know we are not breaking up, just taking a break.”

“Yeah, of course, that is all it is. Anyways, no need for you to come to me to get your key, I will leave it in your apartment when I leave.”

“Nat, this is the stuff I am talking about. What are you doing in my apartment?”

“Since, you stood me up then you will never know.”

“I changed my mind I am on my way home, right now.”

Natasha is overcome with anger about the changes in her life which she feels that she was not consulted about at all. Storming out of the bedroom, into the living room, she picks up a vase and smashes it. Taking a painting off the wall, she slams it into the stereo system hitting it over and over again while, muttering, “Corey is an asshole. Why has he betrayed me? Why do men always leave me?” When she has no strength left, she collapses on the floor in uncontrollable sobbing.

This is how Corey found Natasha when he arrived home in a fit of tears and his apartment smashed up. He rushes over to Natasha, “Sweatheart, I made a mistake. I should have talked to you more. I am sorry.”

She looked up at him with mascara running down her cheeks with her full red lips pouting at him without a word spoken, he begins to kiss her. Taking her in his arms, he says to her, “I really am sorry. The only reason I talked to you like that on the phone was because I knew if I tried to do it in person, I wouldn’t be able to. I just like I have been neglecting some things in my life, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Corey picks up Natasha takes her to the bedroom, placing her on the bed, he starts to kiss every part of her body while taking of her clothes slowly. Nipping her thighs as he licks her moist area while sucking the juices he loves the taste of her. Natasha starts pulling off his clothes, seeing his cock grow before her eyes excites her even more. He pushes his penis inside her and both of them cry out in passion for each other. The physical connection between them is mind blowing as he is pushing in and out hard and fast with both of them coming together they collapse into each other’s arms.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2041200-Fatal-Attraction