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Human is a feeling
Being human isn't animal. I guess we are scientifically classified as animals but being human is more than a classification. Being human is a feeling. I feeling of recognition, a feeling of thoughts. We are creatures that crave company. Sometimes human sometimes animal. We want to connect our feeling with others. When someone feels excited it excites us.
Feeling human is when you are the one in control. When you can control your life. We are in control of what we do and when we do it. We are not controlled by tradition. We follow tradition but we have the ability to break away. We don't have to migrate or hibernate. Humans are not animals. We are a feeling.
Knowing human is knowing the difference between right and wrong. We make decisions almost always knowing the outcome. We are danger addicts. We risk our home on earth and our lives on a daily basis.
To some of you this won't make sense. That could be because you are animal. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to feel human.
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