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What would have happened if King Edward decided not to abdicate??????

Newly crowned, King Edward VIII sat in his office in the palace reading over various newspapers. He had been closely watching a man in Germany named Adolf Hitler who had come to power in 1932. Edward thought that Hitler had the right idea about some things and that if England would copy some of his ideas it would be a much stronger place in the world. Edward threw the paper down on his desk and sighed. He was tired already of the way he was supposed to be and act. He loved an American woman who was waiting for her divorce to come through from her second husband to marry her, yet almost the entire government had threatened to resign if he did so. He was the titular head of the Church of England and he was forbidden to marry a woman who’s ex husband was still living.
Edward picked up the phone and spoke a few words, then sat it back down on the receiver. His mind was made up, and he would do what he felt he had to do to protect his crown, and England’s destiny.


Adolf Hitler, Chancellor and Fuhrer of the Third Reich of Germany smiled in triumph. “Today is a great day for the fatherland. Today we have an ally in England that will at last listen to reason and not be a jew loving mongrel.” Hitler spoke to his foreign minister Joachim Von Ribbentrop. Ribbentrop nodded to Hitler, smiling. “Yes My Fuhrer. He wishes to know if Germany would support him if he refuses to follow the rules set upon him by his government. This Wallis woman means very much to him and he has stated numerous times he will not abandon her because the government just says he has to.” Hitler slapped his hand down on the desk, and smiled wider. “Than that is what we will do. I see an opportunity here for us to make an ally of England. This is what we will do then.” Hitler began to speak at some length of time to Ribbentrop telling him his plans. Ribbentrop nodded and his excitement grew as Hitler explained more to him.


The large freighter pulled up to the docks and moored up. The cranes on the shore slowly began to move into position to unload the cargo stored on board. As the stevedores on the shore began the back breaking work of unloading the large ship, the men on board came down the long gangplank to stand on the shore. Here and there a London patrol man would slowly amble down the dock watching things, looking for trouble. But the men unloading from the ship, dressed in the normal manner of English seamen were quiet and withdrawn. The men stood around smoking and lowly talking amongst themselves while casually keeping an eye on the unloading cargo. Several large trucks had been pulled up onto the dock to receive the unloaded goods, once fully loaded the trucks drove off into the London night. After a few hours the unloading was finished and the men had slowly melted into the night as well.

The remotely set villa was quiet and still. It was surrounded by a 20 foot wall tat went around the entire compound. This was fortunate as it hid the 200 men smuggled into the country that belonged to a special Nazi commando unit. These men had all been raised with English as a second language and could easily pass themselves off as members of British Society. The men had a mismash of British Military uniforms on. From Generals to corporals, each man had a specific duty to perform this day and night.


King Edward VIII quietly walked up behind the British Army Lieutenant, and shot the man through the head. He quickly reached into his pocket and pulled a small bundle of documents out and put them in the dead soldiers pocket. He then pulled the dead mans revolver out and placed it into the mans hand. He then loudly called for the guards. “Guards, Guards, come quickly.” From the other room a loud bang was heard as the sentry’s in the hall came running into the room. They had already had a start when they heard the shot fired, and was by the King in a few seconds.

“I heard something and turned around and this man here,” He pointed at the dead soldier.” tried to kill me. “He was spouting rubbish about the sanctity of English law and that the king, me, was evil and would have to be eliminated for the good of England. He then went to draw his pistol and I had mine in my hand already from within my desk and I shot him.” He told the sentries in the room, who had shortly been followed by a few other government officials from within the Palace. “Are ye alright yur majesty?” Asked the Sentry.” Edward Nodded that he was, and the sentry crouched down to fan the body for any evidence in his pockets, or on him. The sentry felt the papers in the mans pocket and pulled them out. Edward saw this and spoke.”What do you have there lad? Let me see what we have here!” Edward, already knowing the contents of the papers slowly looked them over pretending to read them. “Why these papers detail a plot against me and my throne by my own government!” He said in feigned shock. The sentry’s eyes went wide and some of the other government officials in the room had eyes wide with astonishment. Edward let the hand holding the papers drop to his side and scanned the small crowd around him for his military aide . Spotting him he motioned for him to approach. “Immediately send for the military commanders, tell them their king wishes to speak with them. Also send a telelgram to Lord Cavanaugh of the Kings own fusiliers at Ramsgate. Tell him I need him here asap.

Over the next few days the men who had been dressed up at the isolated manor reported to Buckingham Palace, replacing the normal Palace guards. The Kings military emissaries, armed with the list of the dead “traitor” roamed all through the countryside and cities. By the end of the month Edwards plan had born fruit. He had been able to appoint a new prime minister, and then had called for elections to parliament to fill the vacancies. Unknown to the public the election would be rigged and his own hand picked people would run the parliament. Edward would soon marry his beloved and there would be no uproar from the general population or government. After the elections Edwards men had won in a landslide race, Edward sent an envoy to Germany with a document asking for an alliance between Germany and England. Nazi Germany now had the ally that she had dreamed of and France was once more….all alone.
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