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A boy named Cameron travels through life to find his true calling as Lupin, a warrior
Once, in a small village at the edge an Dranacor (Der-an-uh-core). A boy named Cameron was born. His sister Ethalaina instantly became jealous of Cameron as the second he was brought into this world. He gained all of his sisters attention, leaving her to nothing of her own. Her parents ignored her so she became greedy. sh studied witchcraft and began to use it for... evil things... such as dark arts and practicing evil magics in order to take down her parents, and when she thought she was ready enough, she attempted to destroy the parents but the parents had been trained in the art of shadowry and mind control. They locked Ethalaina away and gave her six personalities. Luna the kind. Eclipse the fearful. Raven the insane, Moon the brave. Shadow the angered. and Ethalaina the original. Cameron grew up to know Luna, what he thought was the original. they laughed and played until one day, Ethalaina worked her way through the seal and controlled Luna to kill the parents using dark magic, soon after she carried her brother Cameron out in the woods, only to abandon him. he grew up there, living alone, not knowing anything about the outside world. One day Grim the Reaper appeared before Cameron. by then Cameron had forgotten his name. So the man called him Fury, giving him the name from all the rage and rejection he showed towards Grim. Grim took Fury to his cottage in the woods and they lived together for a long period of time, Grim taught Fury the art of swordsmanship. and throughout the years he became a great swordsman. But, one un-faithful night, a wolf found its way into the cottage, it had nearly killed grim and was on its way for Fury. But Fury, with his mastered skills with the blade, cut the beast in half. He went to Grims aid in his final moments. Grims last words were: "You, my son... are to be named, the Fury of Hounds." Fury thought of this name to long and shortened it, he called himself HoundFury, this name pleased Grim, after a long night, Grim died with a smile of his face and the thought of what he had created, a happy young boy. Over the years that passed, Houndfury now twelve years old. He stumbled upon a kingdom, the queen in charge took him under her wing as her own because of the sorrow she felt for him, seeing how he was covering in dirt and bugs, clothes ripped and teeth chipped. they lived there together amongst the kingdom as friends... until one day, darkness found its way to Houndfury. A man named Master Eidolon saw HoundFurys power and darkened Hounds thoughts, made him think that the queen was tricking him for his power, this was an evil act no doubt. the thoughts of the kingdom being destroyed rushed through Eidolons head. So HoundFury decided to help Master Eidolon by attempting to kill everyone that belonged to that kingdom, he was not successful but in return, Master Eidolon taught Houndfury the art of scythe wielding and gave him a new name. "Your name is now Lupin The Dark Fae" Lupin bowed in respect and lived on as Master Eidolons pupil. They trained together for years, by the time Lupin turned fourteen he had mastered scythe wielding. but as luck would have it. Eidolon left Lupin to die in a forest just as his sister had. Lupin soon discovered a small elven village and learned the ways of the elves, from then on he called himself 'Lupin the Dark Elven Fae'. The elves taught him many things such as camouflage and repair. But he eventually had to leave because of his growth, he became to large for the village and started destroying things unintentionally... So he moved on to a new kingdom and now Lupin lives with the Snake Empire as the royal prince and general of his own army. With this newly founded home he wanted to protect, it urged him to become stronger so he could better help the empire from invading enemies. He learned the ways of the snake and learned to manipulate them as well as become one. With this power he named himself 'LupinDarkSnake the Elven Fae'. But this wasn't enough. he wanted more power, the only way to do this was to become more skillful at his mastered traits, so he started again with Master Eidolons teachings but went beyond Eidolons knowledge... He took up the art of Dual-Scythe Wielding. A skill Master Eidolon couldn't even master. And with this new ability he stands today, his story still not yet finished..

After a few months flew by, Lupins art of Dual Scythe Wielding caught the eye of a beautiful maiden by the name Mia. She was a noble warrior for The Snake Empire. She admired his power and strength, she wanted to love him with hopes he would love her back. She approached him ever so lovingly that not even he could turn down the question she asked~"Will you, Lupin, marry me?"~ His over whelming joy could not be defined by words. He long waited until the day that he could say the words "I do." And on 5-10-2015 that day came... The wedding day was beautiful. An altar set up on a dock near the beach, not many people attended but nor he or Mia cared how may saw, they just wanted to live together in love and peace with each other for and eternity. He wore a white tuxedo with a light blue vest and tie. He awaited at the altar for his love to come. The music began and she walked down the aisle, dressed in a pure white dress and a red bouquet. It didnt take long for the wedding to finish, after it was complete they had an after party at the Empire. Lupin wanted to be more like Mia, a Vampire. his father luckily beheld the powers to transform him. So the decision was made that Lupin would become a vampire. With the help of a member of the Vlad family (a family of pure vampires) his father drained him of all his blood and pumped blood back into him, completing the birth of a new born vampire. With this, he took on the name: LupinDarkSnake the vampiric elven fae. Lupin was a kind person no matter what, he told the Vlads and his father: "No vampire shall control me from this day forth, I am to become my own type of vampire through kindness and prosperity" Lupin was very happy of this, however his mother was not. Cilla the queen did not like the idea of Lupin having to feed off of others so she had arrangements made that there be a blood pool in the Empire. Days went by and Lupin decided for his honeymoon he would have kids. and so he had that special moment with Mia. more days go by and they learn Mia became pregnant, twins in fact. The Empire flooded with joy, the king and queen finally having grand children, the brothers and sisters finally witnessing the creation of babies. It was all happiness and joy until Lupin made the most horrible mistake... They day of his full transformation came, he sprouted wings of darkness, fangs of metal, long hair. His hunger grew as he sat in the lap of a Vlad under the name Lilli, He was unable to walk to the blood pool and was about to enter blood lust just before Lilli offered her blood to him. he took the offer and began feeding off her right in front of his mother. this enraged her, his mother hated the fact that he disregarded her feelings right in front of her. His father did not like the negative emotions Lupin caused his mother, so his father kicked him out of the kingdom until the problem was solved, he sits alone in the cold pit of hell, a place for people like him that feel rejected and alone to go for mourning. there was no words that could express his sorrow, he wasnt even able to speak to his mother after the incident... he now looks down in shame his story still not yet finished... where he will go from here, no one knows...
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