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She pays for her actions to gain freedom of something much darker~Night & Day Poetic Prose
Shivering in the depths of her own horror, in a moment of rage and desperate for freedom she acts out of retribution. So many sleepless nights watching shadows dance around her on the wall. The howling winds creeping into crevices of a depleting home. The crevices that lay so much deeper than in the building itself. A family flaw that trickled through generations and eventually became what they were known for. No longer would she fear the hands of the past! Being so distraught and out of reach of reason she did the unforgivable. Now frozen in the realization of her actions did she feel the largest fear of all.

In the past she could only dream of freedom from secrets that she was bound, but now she could only stare at the mess feeling herself drown.

The smallest bit of love that breathed upon her soul was now laying in the thickest blood of hatred; at her feet lies her mother wrapped in her stole. If she could turn back time, only a few moments before maybe it would have been different-maybe. No stop it! It couldn't have changed. You had to do it, she nurtured what you became!

Taunting words of her mother's voice, revisiting her twisted mind. So confused as to why her mother was always so unkind. Anything she had known was never what it should have been, but now it is over and they were coming! How could she begin to tell her story of abuse and how it brought her here- to a moment without a choice. There was only little time left that allowed her to reflect. Staring at her mother's face and all that was left. The paleness of her skin as it was drained from death was almost peaceful in a twisted sense. She was very cruel and vengeful but laying so still she almost looked as though her soul could have been kind. Never! Shake that thought from your mind. She would have killed you or beaten you black and blue. She had no love for anyone not even you. It didn't matter if you were pretty or even very smart, She poked and prodded every time you spoke.

It was shortly after that she was surrounded by the men in blue asking her of what she knew. She drew a blank and couldn't recall, but it was then a single tear did fall. Her body shook at the very thought of what she might have done or how it happened and when it all begun. Spiralling into fear of knowing nothing at all. Blank was her mind to the very thing she wasn't capable of seeing. Only flashes of what was a nightmare stirred her into a frenzy. A faint longing for the woman that lay before her, a longing for the love of a deadly being.

Without knowing why she let out a cry and fell to her knees, trying to make sense of her horrible fate from beginning to end. Nothing could shed light upon something she herself could not comprehend. How could she see anything that was good if she were capable of taking a life. Nothing mattered from that point forward. A daughter of a mother who couldn't love but hate. She was the reason for her daughter's horrific fate. Clueless were the others that stood waiting for her to rise, they didn't care and she saw it in their eyes. The cold steel that latched around her wrists felt safe. She knew where she was going and surely it must be a better place.

Years would pass before she could see the light of day, but her freedom started when she walked away. Turning her back on that darkened dome, the very place that stole her choice to love without conviction. Even if she couldn't remember the details of that night she knew it all happened from her mother's inflictions.

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