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Rated: XGC · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2041621
Clara is seduced by a masked bandit while she is on her way to meet her future husband.
Clara shifted in her seat as the carriage bounced along the dirt road toward the home of her future husband. He was a Lord she never met, and the marriage was purely political. Clara sighed as the vibration of the carriage caressed her through her silk skirts. She parted her legs so her sex absorbed the vibrations. Her inner muscles clenched as her clit received the direct stimulation. She was glad to be alone in the carriage. No one she knew would ever understand her need to indulge her sexual impulses. Ladies simply did not do such things. Clara adjusted her position so she was sprawled across the bench of the carriage with one of her legs raised, and her ankle resting on the back. She was about to slide her hand over the tender wet flesh her lifted skirts exposed when the carriage came to an abrupt halt. Clara lowered her leg and adjusted her skirts when she herd the driver’s boots hit the ground. She froze at the sounds of a struggle outside. The door to the carriage opened and a masked man in black entered. He closed.

“Good day my lady,” he said in a soft, smooth voice. He settled on the bench beside her, plucked a red rose from the button hole of his shirt, and offered it to her. “I assume you have heard of me.”

Clara took the rose and inhaled its fragrance. Her eyes roved down his half buttoned shirt, which exposed his tan chest covered in dark curly hairs. She ran her tongue over her lips, imagining running it through those soft curls. “You are the Thief of Hearts.”

“I am not here to harm you,” he informed her. “If you wish me to leave right now I will. I will cut your driver and footmen loose and you can be on your way.”

“No, please,” Clara implored. She tucked the rose into her hair, and sprawled over the bench. She pulled up her skirts and lifted her leg to expose the pink smooth folds of her sex. “I am ready for you.”

“So you are.” He smiled as he slid the tip of a finger around the folds of her sex. He brought the juice soaked tip to his mouth and suckled. He hummed with pleasure at the taste of her sweet innocence. “Remove your corset.”

Clara unfastened the front hooks of her corset and removed it to reveal a silk under shirt. She untied the under shirt to reveal a pair of full, supple breasts, tipped with swollen pink nipples. He leaned forward and suckled one of the hardened points into his mouth. She moaned as he suckled and licked over her tender nipple. He switched to the other and performed the same oral ministration. As he suckled her nipples his probed her sex with his finger. She was warm and juicy and her nipples were stiffened points. He knelt on the floor of the carriage and pressed his mouth to her soft, swollen folds. She groaned as his tongue licked over her slit, separating her folds. Her groans turned to cries of pleasure as he found her clit and suckled until he felt a fresh dribble of her juices down his chin.

“You taste exquisite,” he whispered. He stood, unlaced his pants, and produced a long rod of smooth veiny flesh.

Clara dropped to her knees before him and took him in her mouth. She slid her full pink lips over his long hard shaft, and swirled her wet tongue around his crown. He slid his fingers into her hair, and thrust into her mouth until his pre-cum squirted over her tongue.

“You are quite good at that for a virgin,” he commented as he lifted her back onto the bench.

“I practiced on a sausage,” Clara admitted.

She let out a cry as he slid his long, hard organ inside her, and tore through her innocence. He was surprised he was able to get in root deep. He slid in and out slowly, splashing her juice over his balls and her inner thighs. As he sped up she began to buck against his hips. His hands slid beneath her bare ass and lifted her up for deeper penetration. Their breathing quickened as he thrust harder and faster. His balls slapped her and her breasts bounced as he continued his rapid thrusting. Just before he released he pulled out and sprayed his seed over her sex and inner thighs. He used a red silk handkerchief he kept in the breast pocket of his shirt to clean her up, gave her a deep passionate kiss, and exited the carriage.

. . .

When Clara arrived at Lord Avery’s estate she was escorted to his study. She entered to find a tall dark hair man standing by the fire place dressed in a Lord’s sir coat and breaches. He turned and offered her a seductive smile she could not fail to recognize. The deep brown eyes of the Thief of Hearts stared deep into hers.

“Good day, Lady Clara,” he said in a soft, smooth voice. “Did you have a pleasant journey?”

“Yes, Lord Avery,” she smiled as he approached.

Word Count: 869
© Copyright 2015 Gineva Navazio (jlh1982 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2041621