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some of you have asked about the character of Marc...Here he is.
In my recent pieces there have been a few reviews asking about the character of Marc. For starters i would like to say that, that story isn't a 'story' as such, it's a true story and the people in it are real people. Real people in my life. I guess if you had to compare Marc to a story book character he'd be The Mad Hatter.

Where do i begin?
Marc was 16 when i first met him, he was a sweet guy and seemed relatively shy. He wasn't a cliché guy, he had the floppy fringe and beanie and wasn't interested in football or FIFA. When i gave him my number we spent the first night talking about anything. Mainly movies because he is enthusiastic about cinematography, writing and storylines. He inspires to be like Quentin Tarantino. I told him how my dad had an apple tv and had 2000 movies on it, of course he couldn't help but be a little bit jealous about that.

He wasn't the type of guy to message girls and flirt with them, or at least not with me anyway. He made me smile and he made me laugh, but he never once let on that he like me. We used to Skype late at night, but because it was late at night i couldn't use speakers or a microphone so we just say there typing messages to each other and pulling weird faces.

Like everyone else Marc had another side to him. He suffers from a mental disorder called MPD. MPD stands for Multiple Personality Disorder, which basically means he's got multiple personalities but his other personality was literally like another person. This 'Other Person' was called Nathan, i'm not going to lie but Nathan scared me. Not in the same way people are afraid of spiders or horror films, but in a way that made me realise the reality of things. Made me realise how reality isn't always how it seems on the surface and that sometimes madness is reality.

Marc actually had really good control of 'Nathan' but i was there for when he didn't. In return Marc was always there picking up the pieces of every heart break i went through and cheering me up when depression got the best of me. We were Skype calling one night and he decided to pull his hair back and i'm pretty sure i almost wet myself. He looked bald!

When i think about it Marc always seemed like a happy guy. Obviously there were the odd occasions where he wasn't okay but not many. Sometimes you could tell he wasn't okay through the music he told me to listen to. The majority of the music Marc told me to listen to i had never heard of. Neither had my other friends. I was into: Nirvana, Blink 182, Linking Park, Fall Out Boy, and Foo Fighters. All the alternative and rock music. He got me to listen to the same genre but it was different. There was: Go Radio, Motion City Soundtrack, He Is We, We The Kings, Front Porch Step, and Have Mercy. They were different. Full of feeling. Lyrics i could actually relate to.

There was one song, called The Other Side, by Tonight Alive. It was basically us in a song. "We would talk late from 10 staying up till 3am just friends" This quote especially describing our late night Skype sessions.

As the days went on i grew to love him and his mysterious mind. The strange and peculiar being that was Marc. The way we used to have philosophical discussions in the middle of the night, or the way we used to talk about madness and insanity like it was an everyday necessity.

Then as you will know if you read the light at the end of the tunnel, i confessed my attraction to him and we started dating. We both understood it would be difficult him living in Preston and me in Huntingdon, but we tried. I loved him A LOT and he love me, but it just wasn't meant to be. Still to this day i will never fully understand why Marc cheated on me. He wasn't that type of guy. I guess i'll always secretly blame Nathan for it. I will always understand that he still loves me a little bit, and that Goodnight Moon by Go Radio, was our song

I still talk to him. He's still my closest friend despite the distance. He'll always be my Mad Hatter and i'll always be his Alice. I guess since we broke up we've just gone back to normal, it did take a little while but we're back. Every so often we have Charlotte getting in the way of our friendship but when he goes away i know he'll be back. He always comes back.

Marc enjoys writing just as much as i do, but he never likes anything he writes, nor does he continue writing it. Sometimes I steal his ideas because i think they're amazing and develop it into something he thinks is amazing. If anyone has read Rewind then i'd like you to know that the very basic idea came from Marc and was only a short paragraph to begin with. He's my inspiration. Another reason for me not writing anything lately is because he went away for a bit.

Anyways, this is Marc in a nutshell. If there is anything else you would like to know about him please don't hesitate to ask. He doesn't mind people knowing about his weirdness.
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