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Dialogue only flash fiction. Guess what happened and to who.
“JACK! How can you be so stupid?!”

“I’m sorry, Dad. I set it like you showed me.”

“Shut up! Get a scissors.”

“We didn’t pack any.”

“Where’s that stupid Swiss Army knife? Cut me down.”

“Mom took it away.”



“Nothing. Go get it from your mom. Tell her I need it.”

“K. BRB”


“I’m going to get mom. I’ll be right back!”

“NO! Don’t – Dammit! Self, you really did it this time. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Now you’ll never hear the end of this.”

“PHIL! How in the world did you do that?!”

“Liz, quit laughing and cut me down!”

“Jack, did your dad step in your animal snare?”


“Phil, you look like a pendulum. Are you sure you want me to drop you on your head? It might knock some sense into you, but then it might hurt.”

“Hardy har har. Quit laughing long enough to cut the damn rope and get me down.”

“Maybe if I spin you …”

“Don’t. You. Dare.”

“Mom, you better hurry, his face is turning purple!”

[word count: 176]

co-win May 2015 "The Writer's Cramp

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