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by Exold
Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2042309
A young man starts his job in the ministry of time. Where will his assignment take him?
Revision No. 1.0.1

I was always fascinated by the concept of time travel. When I was eight years old and all my friends wanted to be astronauts and explore the galaxy, I just wanted to explore the past.
Well, enough daydreaming. I get up, walk out of my room and the blue colored door disappears behind me.
I make a swiping motion with my hand.
"Where would you like to go today?", asks my assistant in a pleasant voice.
"The ministry of time", I reply casually. A video-book that I read once comes to memory. According to it, android assistants were invented only two hundred years ago. Really, how could people live like that?
Never mind, never mind. A time traveler must not think about those things, a time traveler must adapt to the surroundings. That's one of the first rules in the "guidebook to time traveling for dummies".
As these thoughts go through my mind, I open the door to the ministry of time and go through it (quite literally - doors nowadays are just energy fields that allow matter to go through. I read once that people used to knock on old doors but nowadays just standing in front of the door is enough for it to recognize you).
The first thing i see is a big golden clock that shows the current date and time: Jan 23rd, 3214.
I hear my assistant's voice through my personal channel: "You have to get to the seventh floor and enter the first office on the right".
I go to the transport point, stand on glowing blue circle and focus my mind. A second later I find the transporter's channel and think "seventh floor". I could transport myself straight to the office but I should act politely and go through the door - first impression is very important on the first day of work.
I appear next to the door and stand in front of it. The energy field immediately changes to green. "Come in", answers a loud voice and I enter the room.
"Are you Jake?", asks the large sized man inside. I am startled at first by his size - he must be at least seven feet tall - but I quickly
pull myself together and answer in a stuttering voice "Ye-yes, sir. Pleased to work with you".
The man smiles and replies, "Good, good. My name is Thomas but everyone calls me Father Time".
I smile as well and ask "What is my first assignment? I can't wait to start traveling".
"Well, well,well - eager to work, aren't we? Why don't you start by writing the lottery numbers of today and get back to a week ago?", Father Time asks.
My smile widens and I quote the three iron rules of the time traveler that every first grade pupil knows:
"A time traveler is an observer. A time traveler must not change the past. When one changes the past, his existence is erased."
"Good good, seems like you listened at school. That's a start", Father Time laughs.
At this moment there is a buzzing sound and a silver-haired woman comes into the room. She looks at me and I notice that her eyes are green - very rare nowadays. Father Time seems satisfied and says to the woman "Right on time, May, as usual. Meet Jake - he will be your new student".
"Pleased to meet you", I say and politely stretch out my hand. A second later I'm on the floor and my arm is twisted behind my back. Father Time is laughing and May says "Well, we will have to work a bit on your instincts" and releases me.
I feel a little angry at the sudden attack but I knew what I was signing for. Time traveling is not for the weak of heart.
May notices my anger and smiles, "No hurt feelings. That was a small reminder that a time traveler must always be alert. And now for your training - first thing first, we have to get your chrono gear". May grabs my arm and we go through the door. As we exit the room I can hear Father Time calling behind us "Good Luck!".
We go across the corridor and pass by some clocks. Golden clocks, silver clocks, platinum clocks of every size are suspended in the air by force fields. They are all ticking synchronously and create a feeling of calmness and harmony.
I try to remember what my teacher at school said about chrono gears. I vaguely remember her saying that a time traveler wearing a chrono gear exists "out of time". This means that if someone goes to the past while wearing the suit, the people in the past can't see, hear or feel him. Of course, it is possible to take the suit off, but no one has done this in living memory. Well, taking off the suit actually erases you from everyone's living memory so maybe it happened in the past but we have no way to know.
May stops in front of one door with yellow color. The door recognizes her and switches to green and we enter. This room contains many rows of suits in all sizes.

Revision No. 1.0.1
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